DJI Mavic Why Video quality is BAD ? DJI screw customers !

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The first thing is  DJI Mavic is 3 times smaller than DJI Phantom 4, but it has the same optical/camera system (just FOV is bit smaller ).  So if the video sensor is the same in these two drones then where is a problem ?Why video looks like garbage ?! Look at this Comparison DJI Mavic 4 vs DJI phantom 4!

Here you can check camera specification for both DJs ( it’s the same camera sensor ):


It’s obvious that if camera is the same, then video quality has to be the same but it’s not… I can even say that it looks like a garbage compare to drone price 1100$ !  DJI knows what is doing, because if small Mavic will be much better than big brother Phantom 4, then no one will buy already produced big drones and whole company will lose millions of dolars. Let’s consider that Mavic is much better construction than DJI Phantom 4; it’s lighter, can fly longer, it’s more portable, has greater FPV distance and double monitors for FPV . Only a video quality is pain in the ass. It looks like video coder is wrongly programmed, because wideo is unsharp and has wrong color correction and THIS IS IT. Video looks bad, because DJI Mavic software been created to forced good looking video to looks like garbage and force cutomers to buy DJI 4 with better video quality.

So the problem is only software, which decreases the quality really badly. If someone can fix it, then Mavic will be the best drone on the market. But so far DJI Mavic for me is expensive toy. I can buy other portable drones under 1000$ with better video quality.

I hope that DJI will fix it in futureand update the software 😀 And maybe then I will be the one of  DJI Mavic ” Happy customer “.

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