DJI Mavic PRO is waterproof Did you know about it ?

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I have found a video, where guy crash DJI Mavic PRO into a water and after dried out this drone is still working perfectly. Can you belive it ?

If you will drop your drone or something electronic into a water. always at first you need to do is disconnect or remove a battery!  Can LIPO battery be used again after bath ? Well NO… If you will use the same battery again bad things can happen….  Even if it won’t burn, while you will try to charge it , there’s a possibility that one it will burn during a fly. LiPo batteries used in a drones are not a joke. These ones are really explosive and can explode easily, when you drop it by mistake on the ground…. It’s not hard to imagine what can happen after bath..

I am not sure if this gus is brave or … Mhmmm brave …For sure I wouldn’t install  once again the same battery in a drone, which is worth 1.2K 😉

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