DJI Mavic beats Phantom 4 ?!?

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DJI Mavic is the newest drone from DJI. Is it better than DJI Phantom 4? And why? Or why not?

“Pocket”, handy  and easy to travel with -in one word “comapct” DJi Mavic. TADAM!!!With amazing stabilization of camera by 3-axis gimbal, capable to record 4K video, avoiding obstacles system and a lot of fancy flying modes, new DJI Mavic is ready to conquer the world 😀

For sure DJI’s designers have changed a characteristic construction and shape of DJI models and found a new solution for new generation product -DJI Mavic. At first glance, we can see that DJI Mavic is different than its “older brothers” and smaller. And this time the idea of partly folding model is really good solution. You can take DJI Mavic wherever you want to with any troubles.

DJI Mavic is capable to fly for 27 min – impessive. But it’s not that impressive when we compare it with DJ Phantom 4 flight time – 28 min, because DJI Mavic is 1/4 of DJI Phantom 4 size. But it’s still a great score.

But one thought is running on my mind since I saw the video below (by Casey  Neistat)- the quality of camera… As you can check on DJI official website, DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 have the same type of camera- the same sensor,  the same ISO range, even the same shoutter speed etc… Only differences is the lens. It’s really a detail- the lens in DJ Phantom 4 is a little bit bigger, cause the drone is much bigger. The  DJI Mavic camera should be even a little bit better than DJI Phantom 4 camera, but in the reality seems to be not. When we compare the video records of these two drones, DJ Mavic records in worse quality. DJ Phantom 4 videos are more realible and sharp. We are able to notice a lot of details. The difference is not a problem with the gimbal- you can check that DJI Mavic and Phantom 4 have also the same gimabal- 3-axis, but the view from DJI Mavic is stable as view of DJI Phantom 4-no jelly effect. But not that sharp and detailed. I guess that the problem is software, so maybe DJI will fix it  😀

But still the quality of video seems to be good 4K, so drama 😀


If we want to comapre this two models of DJI’s drones, both have the same intelligent flying modes; Follow Me, TapFly, Sattelite Positionig and Visions Positioning. In practic there’s no difference.

DJI Mavic is comaptible with 3s battery, DJI Phantom with 4s, but this first one is smaller and lighter, so it’s  normal thing and as I mentioned, flying time of these two models is almost the same.

The last thing will be the price. DJ Mavic costs 999$ and DJ Phnatom 4 -1199 $ (normally 1399 $ ,but it’s promo now ). DJ Mavic is cheaper , so it’s a good news for those who have “cash dilemma”.

So wchich one is better???

If you don’t have “space problem” and you ‘ve got plenty of room in car and home- the size of the drone it’s not a big problem. If you also want to enjoy a really awesome quality of 4K videos and you are able to spend more than 1000 $ for drone- Phantom 4 is waiting for you 🙂 Now you can buy Phantom 4 with 20% discount 😀

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But… If you want to pack your drone on your backpack and go, comapct drone will be perfect for you. If you also can take  a little bit worse quality of video, but you can pay less for you drone- choose DJ Mavic.

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Which one is better for you?


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