DJI drone got hit by car on World Rally Championship

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Drone is a perfect tool to capture hilarious moments in our life. But is recording a movie or take a photo is more important than safety? I don’t think so.

During a World Rally Championship Toyota WRC driver Esapekka Lappi met the drone on his path…  DJI Inspire pilot wanted to capture stunning video and  had ignored the the safety rules… After the Micky’s Jump Toyota WRC driver was surprised by drone on his way. As we can see on the video, drone was just scratched, but it’s not not hard to imagine what might happen if driver would lose the control over the wheel and hit the crowd…
After accident Esapekka Lappi said that he would lie if he said that he is sorry about the drone, because it was where it shouldn’t have been. He hope it would be a lesson for irresponsible drone operator.

It is worth to mention that is not the first accident with drone during a racing or sport mass events. Last year we could read about the drone that crashed inches behind skier- Marcel Hirscher at Madonna di Campiglio Slalom on December 2015. The skier had a luck and nothing wrong happend.

The next more painful accident with drone and the most serious one at he same time, because in this case human was injured,  happened durnig a bike race in California. Drone operator wanted to record a race with drone, but the drone hit the tree and crashed on the one of the cyclist. Unfortunately, drone caught up in the front wheel of bike locking it and after couple of meters of ride, cyclist flew over handlebar and hit the ground . For that cyclist the race was over… The only consolation is that cyclist didn’t break any bone and the owner of the drone promised him new bike…

We like drones, but irrresponsible behaviour of some drone pilots is unacceptable. The drone is a great fun and with smart operator can serve people for a many different ways… But as these cases show, in wrong hands drone might hurt…

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