DIY Manned drone from Sweden

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Axel Borg, engineer from Sweden built his own DIY drone , capable to carry a man. This manned drone cost 10 000 and it’s built of parts from Hobbyking and DIY parts as 3D printed joystick to control the drone. This huge drone is ready to lift even 93 kg.The construction of the drone is mostly made of aluminium and nylon . Manned drone weighs 58kg without batteries (35 kg). Axel Borg claims that his DIY manned drone is ready to fly even for 14 minutes !!!

Specifications of Swedish manned drone:

FC: 5x KK 2.1 running stock 1.6 firmware

Motors: 76x Multistar Elite 5010 274Kv,
tilted by 6°
4mm shaft

ESC: Current Draw: 20A Continuous
Voltage Range: 3-8s Lipoly
Input Freq: 1KHz
Firmware: afro_HV.hex
Discharge wire/plugs: 16AWG/Male 3.5mm
Motor wire/plugs: 17AWG/Female 3.5mm
Weight: 28g (Included wire, plug, heat shrink)
Size: 65x27x11mm (with capacitor)

Propellers: 17×5 or 18×5.5 Quanum DJI style CF
Batteries: 80x Multistar 4S 5.2Ah, 6.18kWh
Remote Controllers: 5x Turnigy TGY-i6S Digital Proportional Radio Control System

This drone is really flying, not just hovering 🙂 Impressive!


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