Divers Capture Stunning Drone and Underwater Shots of Killer Whales

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AN INTREPID photographer SWIMS with a family of playful orca whales. Filmed in November in the fjords of northern Norway, this incredible footage was shot by wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra. The 36-year-old was able to capture incredible close-up shots of the whales in the freezing Arctic water – and also employed a drone to take stunning aerial views of the magnificent sea mammals. The Colorado-born adventurer was joined on the trip by German orca expert Marco Schulenburg, 40, who spends six months of every year following pod migrations. The pair filmed more than 100 killer whales on the expedition encountering family groups of five to ten – observing them playing, communicating and feeding on herring.


Videographer / Director: Picture Adventure Expeditions
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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