Discharger for LIPO batteries 1s-6s & DJI Phantom Intelligent & Cheap

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I have found an intelligent LIPO battery discharger, which is¬†quite cheap and works with 1-6s lipos. It can also discharge DJI Phantom batteries. Discharger works really simple; we just need to connect balancer port from lipos to balancer port in discharger and it’s done. We have two options, we can use resitors to discharge it faster or we can use USB port to charge some devices.

In the box we will find: electronic discharger, switchable resistor, DJI battery connector.

Discharger looks really good and quality seems to be great. On the front we can see balancer port in and DJI connector IN, on the back is USB output and port for resistor.

To start discharging a battery we have to use balancer port. Don’t forget that first pin from the left is ground. After some tests, I can say that this discharger is really good. It discharges every cell separetly and stops on 3.8V .

There are 4 display LEDs on the panel. When we connect battery to the panel, the board can identify your battery automatically- it can detect the type of used battery -1s, 2s, 3s or 6s…

We can discharge a battery in two ways. The first one is by charging other device through USB. This way could be quite slow due to low max output 0.5Amp. Next one is a resistors, on this way we can use switch to speed up discharging from 1 to 2 amps. Using the second way, you have to be very careful, because resistor will be super hot ( more than 100C ) !!!

I have found only one con- missing cover for balancer port, which could really help , but you can be easily added, like I did :).

I think this discharger is worth every penny, it’s really ¬†great time saver.

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