Diodon the first waterproof inflatable drone

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Diodon is newest waterproof drone, that need to pump up like inflatable pool toy before the flight. This inflatable drone was created by French company “Airvada”. The concept was to invent portable and crashproof, waterproof drone with follow me funtion and Diodon has all this features 🙂

Inventors claim that Diodon can land on the water and indeed is waterproof; it won’t sink and the water won’t damage electronic parts.

Thanks to special sensors on the board Diodon has auto- follow funtion .

Before you pump up the Diodon, you can pack it in small transport bag, so it’s very easy to travel with it.

Special construction makes it crashproof – it’s not heavy. It’s made of 3D printed parts and water resistant material. But it’s good feature??? Constructors say that Diodon can handle even heavy rain, but personally I doubt it will enough wind resistance to fly during a storm , so despite the fact is waterproof, in case of bad weather it might be not useful… It will be light to put up the resistance of  blowing wind…

The second concern : What will happen when Diodon will meet sharp edges? Will its arms crack like balloon ? Or maybe it will be loosing the air slowly like flat tire?

Anyway :)Diodon was created with thoughs of industrial purpose, rescue and reserch mission or military use. Diadon was created in three sizes and these three models of Diadon have different features:




200g 400g 1500g
Payload example : HD video downlink system Payload example : 2-axis stabilized HD video downlink system Payload example : Optical and LWIR sensors on 3-axis stabilized gimbal
Folded : 200x200x100 mm Folded : 300x300x150 mm Folded : 400x400x200 mm
Unfolded : 600x600x100 mm Unfolded : 800x800x150 mm Unfolded : 1500x1500x200 mm
Time of flight up to 20 min Time of flight up to 30 mni Time of flight up to 35 min


The idea of Diodon drone is pretty nice, but to be honest the construction is the biggest advantage and disadvantage at the same time. I would’t be so sure that Diadon is the right solution for rescue mission or other responsible tasks…

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