Diatone PCB for QAV250 & ZMR250 fast review

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Hi guys!

For what we need a PCB board. ?!

A PCB board helps us to reduce the number of cables in our drone also reduce the weight. However, it’s less safe solution coz it’s quite easy to do short circuit in situation when:

  • We put our dron on wet grass or crash on it . Water conducting electricity ( you can imagine what can happen ) . Of course we can prevent that using a hot glue.
  • We crash and PCB will break making short circuit (bigger chance for this is when we using carbon frame coz carbon is conducting )

Despite of some cons, I’ve decided to use this diatone PCB board  and I have to say it was good choice. My drone is flying bit longer because it weights less also it’s looking much better.

You can buy here Diatone PCBBoard


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