Diatone ET 160 Quick review Small and Super light FPV Racing frame

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

I bought this frame cause it’s super light and we are able to use 1806 motors with 4″ props but also this frame got some issues. Lets start from the beginning.

In package we got all parts which are needed:

What suprised me is extra screw or spacer in a package.

Bottom frame thick is 2.5mm & weight 26g . Quality of this frame is amazing also we can see that inner part of the frame was drilled to save weight and increase a space for FC.

Upper part is 1mm thich and weight 6g

Diatone ET 160 review 05

PCB board quality is not the best, we can find only 5V out with max curreent 500ma but it’s accetable ( great that diatone is adding this PCB cause is good to have it )

Diatone ET 160 review 06

For me this frame is the best that we can buy because whole frame weight is 37g so it’s great score also we can use 4″ props and big 1806 motors and this set should give ultra power.

Diatone ET 160 review 08

DYS BE1806 2300KV fits perfect, due to size we are able only to use 2 screws to tide the motors but this is not issue ( for me this motors are best to go for that frame ) .

Now is time for first issue. When you use DYS BE1806 motors and Bullnose props like 4045 or 4050. Props on the front will rub uper part of the frame dueo of too small spacers 25mm !!!! OMG !

Here you can see 4045 Diatone:

Here is 4050

To resolve it we have to use extra m2 5mm spacer to increase height or just m2 30mm spacer. So be ready for this 🙂

Here is my Eachine 32mmx32mm CCD camera which is  quite to big but I have to order 35mm spacers and will fit perfect. I really want this camera cause this one has best video quality.

At the end is comparison zmr 250 & 160  . I think 250 size drones are to big and not efficiency due to weight, small 160 with 1806 motors and 4045 props could be much faster and much more crash proof, that’s why I decided to try this frame.

Diatone ET 160 review 09


I think this frame is just perfect , my plan is to create  a small super fast drone with FPV & GPS. There is enought space to pack all necessey stuff to make it fly.

For more updates about this frame/project check my newest posts .

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