Diatone 250 Quadcopter frame Quick Review

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Couple days ago I tested Datione 250 frame. So far I can say it’s tough frame; after couple crashes frame got some scratches but nothing break or no cracks (I can’t say the same things about motors mounted on this frame ;)).  You can successfully fit to this frame 1806-2204 motors. There is  also a special mount for FPV camera ( eachine cameras fit perfect). Anti vibrating rubbers are bit to “tough” and you can see a “jelly effect”. This rubbers will be good for heavier cameras like go pro, but not for mobious or runcam.

What I like in this frame is a color. Diatone produce this frame in a couple colours and every single one looks great. My frame colour is orange and I’m glad that I chose this colour.

Frame will come with power board 5v and 12v out. Don’t use 4s battery on this board coz you can burn your RX  (on 4s battery 5v out is changing to 8v !)


Diatone 250 frame is quite heavy- 145g. I think it’s abit to heavy, but like always -if something is heavier , it is stronger. I weighed all parts.

What I don’t like in this frame is abit banded arms. These arms are not flat but curved upwards (just check photos).   Thanks to that it’s a much easier to do flips but flying forward/left&right is bit a different.

diatone frame 250 no07


I’ve got positive feelings about this frame. It’s greate for beginners, coz it’s cheap ( 14$) and hard to destroy. This frame could be great to fast flying with a lot of obstacles on track.

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