Delivery Drones in Action

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Ordering food to your home is nothing it’s not a big deal. Some people do that everyday 🙂 No cook, no mess 🙂 But what if your food was delivered by drone…


If U are fan of Italian food, a specially pizza, U have watch this.The big adventage of delivering pizza by drone, a specially in big city, is not just economic reasons , but saving of time and nerves not to stuck in Traffic jams. The other plus is hot and fresh food delivered always on time and  satisfied costumer. On Brasil already know that 🙂


If U are thirsty or simply U are big fun of beer (beer is not an alcohol hehe) look at this DIY Beer Delivery Drone.  I have to admit that I had doubts that droping beer on the parachute it’s a good idea but I saw it on my own eyes and it can really work! Moreover Aerial Beer Delivery System is working great and 29 cans of beer had been consumed this way 🙂


And at the end most crazy idea for drone delivery using- DIY BECON DRONE! If U can’t imagine breakfast without becon on your toast it’s a solution for U 🙂

And one more thing :BACON x SCIENCE = IMMENSE POWER! Enjoy 🙂


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