Cute security robot car with drone on the board from Singapore

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Security car robot O-R3 from Otsaw Robotics is a new innovation project from Singapore, that might replace human guard in a close future.

This cute little vehicle is real technology advanced smart car robot. Otsaw Digital’s O-R3 is equipped with FPV camera, Obstacles Avoidance System and drone ready to track intruders .

O-R3 is design to patrol the terrain without supervision of human- it’s autonomous robot with laser scaners and GPS navigation. Obstacles Avoidance System allows O-R3 to move easily without worries about collisions.

 This smart robot car has drone on the board, that will follow intruders on difficult terrain- when O-R3 is not capable to track the intruder, drone will do it.

Thanks to Real- time alert system and Smart Video Analytics,  O-R3 Security car robot can autorize the personality and recognize employee of the company or visitors.

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