CORETEXRC 90 Unboxing Mini FPV Racing Super Quality Part 1

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CORETEXRC 90 is DIY drone so if you are looking for really high quality mini drone to build your self then this one could be good choice. I love to to build drones because I am sure that everything is done perfect and maybe I will learn something new. In CORETEXRC 90 we got Pico F3 flight controller which can work with 8/4khz and whole construction is carbon + aluminium. This is ARF set so we need receiver & battery, price seems to be quite high but this is a price for quality parts.

Box & what is inside

Everything is packed in separetly bags which looks delicious. Inside bags we will find:

  • Complete carbon frame
  • Alumium parts
  • Screws
  • Fligh controller PIKO F3
  • ESC 4 in 1
  • 4 x motors 1104 7500kv
  • FPV Aio Swicthable camera 25-100mw 48channels
  • Props 1935 5blades
  • Battery strap & JST battery power cable
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This looks soo good , whole frame is fully carbon and even round rings are perfectly made. I am impressed that every part fits perefect to other one because mostly in DIY dornes I always faced some silly problems but not this time. Weight is kind of big but this is a price for extra props ptrotectors which force whole contruction to be much bigger than standard ones.

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Alu parts & Screws

Here is big suprise because mostly extra aluminium parts are made by CNC but this time it looks like been modled so it’s lighter and stronger.

God damn screws, so many … . Heavy and usless …, for this price I would like to receive aluminium ones , not heavy steel ones.

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Flight Controller & ESC

Piko flight controller is super fast, works perfectly fine with 8/4khz refreshing rate. Also has filtered 5v output for camera !Β  πŸ™‚ ,we can add leds & buzzer. Sbus / PPM input and one extra TX/RX port so we can add some OSD or even GPS πŸ™‚ .

ESC works only with 2s battery and Oneshot 125 so I can’tsay that this is a con because in small drones is really hard to notice a difference between Oneshot & Dshot.

One thing I really love in these bords, they are connected by special designed pins so there is no need to do any extra solder job. Yay ! 😎

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Something is telling me that this motors are great because when I rotate it in hand then I feel that built in magnest are super strong. Quality is immpresive, after some testing I noticedΒ  no vibrations , works super smooth like DYS. Size is 1106 but fits great to other frames , 7500KV willcgive good punch.

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FPV Camera

Standard but I like due to switchable VTX power from 25 to 100mw so no more problems with weak video signal, also camera has 48channels and video sensor is 600TVL so not bad for 5g.

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Other accessories

I a package with CORETEXRC 90 we will find also battery strap, double tape, and 4 props ! . Yeah only 4 props which is really bad, because even if we got prop protectors around props then we can hit some branch from bottom ot from the top and prop could break. Without any spare props we are grounded, so if you order this drone be sure get some extra props.

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This is just the beginning

It was just unboxingΒ  in next article we will ,build it, set it & fly πŸ™‚ . So far this is what I like, high quality stuff & DIY. Included parts are really awesome but whole drone seems to be heavy like around 90grams without battery, is it good or bad ?! we will see when we fly πŸ™‚ .

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