CORETEXRC 90 Settings for FC & ESC Part 3

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Lets set up CORETEXRC 90, first thing is PIKO flight controller which is really not bad. To upgrade firmware for newest PIKO BXL we need to short boot pins and then connect usb cable. Green light shouldn’t flashing after shorting boot pins which means that FC is in Boot mode.

Here you can see my settings, worth to notice are couple things:

  • On UART 3 is SBUS input
  • Board should be set to 45 at yaw
  • It works only with Oneshot125
  • This drone is super heavy so it will ahve HUGE battery even for hover. Set warning voltage to 3,4v
  • Gyro and Pid can works ate 4kHz yay ! 🙂

ESC is working only with one shot , so it’s  not S capable. Motor timing works perfect on medium-high and high but I decide to use standard medium-high. You have to check if motor rotation will be the same, if not the change it throught ESC 🙂 . Easy peasy.

This was the easiest of all build :), next time we will check how it will fly.

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