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CORETEXRC 90 Let’s build This mini FPV drone Part 2

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To build CORETEXRC 90 you don’t need any special skills, you just need to be patient & use multimeter very often to check is there is no short circuit due to super small solder points. Everything fits perfectly so no worries, just you ahve to find GOD DAMN 1 & 0,5 alan keys because these little shits are not included and I even couldn’t find them in a shops near by me. So I been forced to use pliers which works not bad πŸ™‚ , also you need to find some glue ( yeah glue , this is manufacturer idea xD ) & insulation tape. Let’s build it


Prop protetors are need to be mounted same way as I did .

Now we need 4 x alu links.

Hear also not much to comment.

Now is funny shit , so we have to mount spacers , use screw from the bottom and glued all this stuff to the frameΒ  πŸ˜‰Β  . Next thing is to mount motors to the frame ( this time don’t use glue πŸ˜‰Β  ).

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FC & Power cable

Here you have to be VERY PATIENT & Focues, as you I used Huge solder tool to make it done so you can also πŸ™‚ . I connected 3 cables to receiver , 2 for buzzer and 3 x leds . Please read manuals in top right corner

  • red/black/white are for SBUS ( also to active SBUS you have to solder two pins on board , read manual )
  • black/red near USB are for buuzer ( short cables )
  • green/yellow/red are for LED ( long cables )
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ESC & motors wiring

In developers manuals we can see that motor cables are not shortened & goes unde frame. So I found better solution to decrease weight and make it looks more delicious. You have to do exactly the same cables order and conctec them to the same spots on ESC otherwise you will be not able to set correctly motor order in betaflight without extra settings.

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Let’s finish it

Use insulation tape at the same spots on top part of the round frame, it’s needed due to insulation PDB tracks from ESC which almost touching carbon frame ( carbon is power conductive so we don’t want short circuit ). Now connect two parts of frame by bunch of screws.

I added buzzer & leds. Led can be fully controlled throught betaflight.

To mount a camera I used double tape but can be also secured by rubber band, also you can see how I fit led & buzzer.

As you know all construcions have to have a CON, and in this one is USB socket. To adjust some settings we will have to remove prop and fit there some super slim USB cable. In my case original XIaomi USB cable only fits and I had to peal it a bit anyway.

My idea with battery strap will allow to mount some big battery πŸ™‚ .

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It looks delicious

Everything is working perfectly fine also it looks soo good. Just look at it mmmmm delicious 😎

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My thoughts

I thought that top part of the frame could be damaged easily after crash but it’s fixed not only by 4 srews by also by round prop protectors. I tried to mount 2030 prop but will not fit.

Whole weight without battery is 90grams so it’s super uber heavy, how it will fly I don’t know we have to check it πŸ˜‰ . But one thing is sure, we can use this drone indoors without worries that prop or motor will be damaged πŸ™‚

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