How to choose lipo battery for your drone?

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Most pilots are all want to get a long flight time, but almost drones only flight less than 30 minutes even fewer. As we know, there are various types of drone, like quadcopters, aerial photography drones, FPV quadcopters, multirotors… Most aerial photography drones can fly longer, such as DJI Phantom 4 Pro can fly 30min, Xiaomi mi drone 4K can fly 27min, but their price is not cheap; but many FPV quadcopters, DIY quadcopters, multirotors are have an unsatisfactory flight, include flight time or flight speed.

So there is a question: how to get longer flight time or how to fly your drone faster? The answer is battery, a good lipo battery will bring you a good flight experience. So how to choose a good battery for your drone? Before choose lipo battery, you’d better know these two knowledge: drone sizes match to the lipo battery and lipo battery parameter.

About Drone sizes 

How to choose lipo battery for your drone?

Before you purchase the drone battery, you should know more details about quadcopter related to Lipo battery. Base on the needs of the applications, we can divide the drone into 7 types as below:

  • Aerial Photography drone: Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear. Most brand Aerial Photography drones are used smart batteries which produce by the drone manufacturers; such as these 4K camera drones: DJI Phantoms, Mavic, Yuneec, Xiaomi drone 4K and so on.
  • Sport & Social: Super light-weight and extremely stiff for crisp and responsive control. Such as QAV 400/500, FLIP FPV,TBS Discovery etc.
  • Sport FPV: Lots of mounting surfaces for extra electronics and action cameras.Such as Flip sport /DJI F450.
  • Mini drone: Very small and virtually indestructible. Such as Hubsan X4 ,Eachine H8 Mini, syma x11 etc.
  • FPV drone: Virtually indestructible with space to mount electronics and sometimes an action camera. Such as QAV250, 250mm quad etc.
  • More professional uses such as package delivery, agriculture.
  • For research or personal robotics development.

Choose different drone lipo battery is depend on the size of your drone, not a battery which is not possible to meet all of your requirements. Therefore we search huge volumes of information via internet and give a range match chart for you;

How to choose lipo battery for your drone

It summarizes the experience of how to choose battery for quadcopter after analyzes quadcopter parameters by more experienced pilots. It will help you know what battery will be suitable for your drones.

About Lipo battery ParameterTo know how to choose a lipo battery for your drone, you must know what’s the mean of Lipo battery’s parameters(Click here).

After read this, you will know the basic knowledge about lipo battery parameters, and this will give a help when you choose lipo for your drones.

How to choose the best lipo battery for your drone?

Though most pilots want to get a longer flight time, but most of them are Aerial Photography drone pilots; and there are many DIY quadcopters, especially FPV racing pilots, they need faster speed, so this guide consider all the pilots and give you three advice.

Step 1, Choose the longest flight time battery for quadcopter

To get the longest time, you need a highest capacity which is the lightest lipo battery, I think it is too hard to find it, you need to complete and test, you need more experience to find it, you will cost too much time or money. From the drone size match lipo battery, find the best fit your drone’s battery, and them search on the internet and complete some different brand batteries, you will get a satisfied result. To solve your time, I recommend you can consider Tattu drone battery first, this is my advice.

Step 2, Consider the C-racing

To choose a suitable lipo battery for your quadcopter, you have to compare target c-rating and battery c-racing. In short, my principle is that battery c-racing  is greater than target c-rating but not too higher.

My target C-rating target calculations are based on an estimated draw at full power of motors and Props.

Battery c-racing are based on standard formula (Discharge Rating =Ah*C-rating ).

For example, I have a FPV racing 180 mini quad, my target c-rating is 65A from Cobra 2204 2300kv motors and HQ 4x4x3 props.

I choose gens ace 1050mAh 75C lipo pack. battery c-racing is 78.75A (=1.05Ah * 75C). It’s great for my mini quad.

Step 3, Consider the price

If price were not a consideration, you should choose the lipo battery which provided  the longest flight time for quadcopter. This is also my selection criteria.

When considering the price, you have to make a value that is capacity per dollar ( capacity / price), Then choose the max one that is best for you.

For example, There are two battery A lipo battery 4s 75c 1500mAh is $38 and B lipo battery 4s 75c 1800mAh is $45. A capacity per dollar is 39.47(=1500/38) and B capacity per dollar is 40 (=1800/45), Therefore I will choose B lipo battery for my quadcopter.

How to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter? It’s a hard job, these advice just give you some little help, the most important is your experience, when you have a long flight experience, you will know what should you do!

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