How to choose ESC for FPV, Blheli vs simonk

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67.96$/4pcs Blheli esc
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67.96$/4pcs Blheli esc

Blheli vs simonk which is better? Which is better for FPV? Choosing ESC sometimes is maybe a confusing problem for FPV or other quadcopter.
ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller. As the name suggests, they are there to control the speed of the motors. They receive signal/command from flight controller, and drives the brushless motor by providing the appropriate level of electrical power in order to change motor speed (RPM). Quality ESC’s ensure reliable and smooth flight experience. And I will dissect each of them on various parameters in order to identify the one that out-muscles the rest.


1. ESC firmware Performance
between Simonk and Blheli, I would personally go for Blheli. Why is it so? Well, considering how fast Blheli has undergone improvements, it has been able to beat simonk on the performance. I was personally using Simonk but had to switch to Blheli for various performance-related reasons before settling for kiss. For instance “BHLSUITE” is one factor that makes its performance better than that of simonk.

2. How frequently it is updated.
For me, I think Blheli is getting upgraded more frequently than Simonk which is one of the factors that has seen it beat simonk on various aspects. Given Blheli’s stand alone GUI interface,. It is constantly becoming better than simonk. And yes, it is becoming easier to use than simonk on numerous aspects.

3. Ease of use.
Ease of use is an important aspect when it comes to choosing any ESC firmware. I vividly recall the days I had to manually type endless command lines while using simonk firmware.
Thanks to Blheli, I stopped having to type anything since it comes with an easy to access graphical user interface. At the same time, it also makes its accessibility simply a snap!

4. Ease to flash.
When we talk of ease to flash, Simonk requires you to follow a very long procedure if you want to flash it. This makes it quite unfriendly when it comes to flashing. On the other hand, you will only need to follow a few steps in order to flash your Blheli. With its GUI, every step is clearly outlined and the steps are easy to follow. This makes it quite impressive!
Blheli vs simonk which is a better firmware?

There is no doubt that Blheli ESC firmware is better than Simonk firmwares. Considering its impressive performance, awesome reversibility and ease of use and flash, you can never be wrong about it!

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