China launches their new Anti-drone gun

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Police from China presents their new model of anti-drone gun, that will help to solve the problem with illegal drones.

Drones become more popular and are used on many different ways and have a lot of purposes; enterteiment, life-saving, racing, research, movie making or as  spying and terrorism tool. In last two situations is an example of bad use of drones and it’s normal that people decided  to defend .

Police in China will be take down of the sky suspected and illegal flying drones of the sky with help of special anti-drone gun. Drone killer gun will interfere the signal between the drone and operator using radio ways. The most alarming concern in these kinds of weapons is the way how drone will be taken down. It’s is possible that anti-drone gun will force the drone to land in a controlled manner and this will be the safer option than take down and crash it, a specially in case of missions in the crowds.


When we are looking at China anti-drone weapon we need to admit that this is a tool of justice of future and that  it reminds gun from game of Sci-fi movie.

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