Cheap FPV goggles Best choice to get 2016

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Under 100$ we can find great FPV goggles , especially if we want to start our adventure with FPV or we are looking for some cheap and great quality FPV goggles. At first we have to consider what we really need… Do we need features like :

  • FPV video receiver build in & diversity
  • Recording video
  • Head tracking
  • HDMI in ????

Or we just want to focus on price and screen quality. If you want to go simple check my two favorites .

First ones are Hobbyking Quanum DIY FPV goggles V2. I have already tested these goggles and screen quality is great; for me video quality looks like on some really expensive fatsharks. DIY FPV goggles V2 are also comfortable; not too heavy. The price is really low 55$! Con for this one is a fact that we need to buy the battery and FPV receiver separatly, so full set we will cost us about 100$. It will be worth every penny ( if we go really cheap we can find fpv rx and battery for 25$, so final price could be under 80$ ).

You can buy Hobbyking Quanum DIY FPV goggles V2 here

You can buy FPV 32ch receiver Eachine RC832  for 20$ here 

My second favorite are goggles Eachine VR-007. What I love in these is a fact that for 65$ we get full FPV goggles set, ready to go ( tx & battery ).  Great feature is 40channels FPV receiver, so  it will work with all FPV TX on the market. Included battery 9V can be charged throught USB, but I am not sure how long this battery will power goggles (maybe 20-30 minutes) . Con for this goggles is screen resolution 480×272 , but video is still pretty nice and for 65$ you won’t be dissapointed .The best choice to buy if you want to start with FPV flying.

You can buy FPV Goggle Eachine VR-007 for 65$ here 


What would I buy? For sure Quanum V2! Installed 5” screen is big and high resolution will show more video details. If we buy some 32-40 FPV RX and battery 3s 1600m, we will get the best FPV goggles, which are not inferior  than expensive fashark or skyzone for 300$

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