When Carbon Props BITE! Quadcopter accident / crash

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So, I’ve been suffering terrible issues with my Naza-M flight controller for my quadcopter of late… Tried all manner of tweaks to the settings, to no avail. Tried the old factory reset on the FC, programmed my settings back in, all seemed to be ok on the first test flight. The lipo was running low so swapped over for a fresh pair (2 x 2200mAh nano-tech Turnigy’s), stuck the GoPro on and went for another flight – all hell broke loose.

Take off was pretty lumpy, hovering in one place was pretty difficult, spinning around 180 degrees to face me wasn’t pretty, then for whatever reason, losing thrust coming in to land, the quad lurched at me, trying to take a chunk out of my leg!

Though my APC style carbon fibre props are pretty thin at the end, I managed to come away with three superficial scrapes, nothing serious.

Sad thing is, my Naza-M will no almost certainly never fly again in anything I make… I’m replacing it with an APM2.5+GPS next week when my delivery arrives 🙂

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