Best Small Brushless Drones 2017 FPV Racing For Beginners & Pros

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Here is my list of The Best Mini FPV Drones , I consider only high quality drones at low price. I love mini drones because I belive this is a future, small powerful and super crash proof. So far we didn’t find HD cameras in those small drones but I believe it’s just a matter of time till we will got 110mm mini drone with HD camera, GPS and built in HD FPV link. So far we can have great time with small simple drones, because small drones are easy  to maintain, cheap and very crash prof due to low weight.

Walkera Rodeo 110mm

Newest Mini Rodeo 110 is the fastest micro drone in its size, high quality build and no problematic configuration. For sure this drone can’t be used at home due to huge power but its also great for beginners because contruction is quite light and thanks to this is more crash proof. Dedicated parts make this drone easy to maintain even for newbies but also make it bit more expensive than others.


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Eachine Aurora 90mm

Small Bullet & Crash proof racing drone, I have never seen so well secured mini drone so far. Powerful motors 1104 7400KV will guarantee good power, also on board we will find SP Racing F3 , 25mw VTX with good 800TVL camera. Worth to mention is that aurora got built in OSD so we can easily see how much battery left, on the back we can find 4 fully controlled bright leds. I consider if Eachine should be at 1st place on my list but rodeo is more powerful.

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Eachine Chaser88

Eachine Chaser88 is first legit 2s micro racing drone from EAchine at size 90mm. Chaser88 maybe is small but it’s super advanced, on board we will find FC F3 flight controller , great ESC with digital DShot 600 ready and brushless motors 10000kv from racestar. FPV camera is 800TVL so image will be sharp also huge FOV 150 and 48 channels are really handy. Whole drone looks really tough, so that is why could be to heavy but we will see. Anyway Eachine Chaser88 for sure is 100000x better than other coreless micro drones, because brushless motors has has great life span, much better efficiency and P.O.W.E.R

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KingKong Q90

Q90 is a small squeaker , super light weight and cheap spare parts make this drone great for beginners. Very advanced sp f3 with betaflight with oneshot125.

So this is my Top List of the mini drones in early 2017, I considered only drones in low price but good quality. What do you think ?

I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( Pirat is incorruptible ).
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  1. Great list I have the Q90(KING KONG) and just saw that they came out with the GT90 Which is basically the same quad with a slightly different frame and the GT90 has smaller ESC’s that are integrated into the board instead of traditional like the Q90. Also I want the prop guard the GT90 has for my Q90 it should fit to the T for same wheelbase and same motors as they should fit either and the Q90 should have came with as well. BUT DID NOT! I CANNOT EVEN FIND A PROP PROTECTOR FOR THE Q90 and I can’t find a parts list or place to purchase the same prop protector as the GT90 so where or how do you get one for the Q90 as I want it as an indoor FPV machine as well it’s small enough and exactly like to a point as the GT90 So WHY NO PROP GRARDS WITH IT? MAKES ME MAD!! Thanks. Brad Ivie.

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