The best micro racing quadcopters TOP 5 list August 2017

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If you are looking super fast and crashproof mini racing quadcopter and you are not sure which one is the best, has got for you ready list of the top 5 of micro racing quadcopters of the summer 2017. Only the best little quads!

1.Eachine Lizard 95

Eachine Lizard 95 is definiately the king of micro racing drones . Why Lizard 95 is the best of list TOP5? It’s not the lightest micro drone, because its weight is 110 g with battery and 66g without it and for micro drone it’s quite a lot. To compare it to others micro drones from the list somebody might say that it’s a little fat cow :), but I wouldn’t be so sure 🙂 Despite the fact that Lizard 95 is heavy, it’s still the fastest mini racer on the market right now. On the board of Lizard95 we can find super efficient 6000KV brushless motors and thanks to lower kv of motors the torque is increased. Super powerful motors of Lizard95 used with 5 blades 2 inch props and 3s battery makes this drone a rocket and this set is a key to success. Lizard95 is compatible with 2s and 3s battery, but definitely if want to push it to the limit use 3s battery. 2s is waste of time and won’t show possibilities of Lizard 95.

If you order Lizard 95 with FrSky receiver you can enjoy RSSI Telemetry and you would have totally control of signal strenght- it’s the second really interesting feature of this drone. Also it’s worth to mention that with FrSky receiver there’s no worry that user will lost the signal during a flight among trees. The signal of Frsky receiver is super strong ; we’ve checked that 🙂 Lizard95 is not only the fastest micro racer, it’s also amazing crashproof drone. If you hit the ground , don’t bother, you need to just replace props and Lizard 95 is ready to fly again. The carbon fiber construction is really tough (we also have checked that :)). So buy some extra props and enjoy the flight.

On the board of Lizard95 we can find also Omnibus F3 Flight controller with built-in OSD, so user of Lizard95 has all he needs; easy configuration, OSD to monitor whole parameters of the drone, which is a must have for drone racing pilot. Fully compatibility with 3s battery is possible thanks to 4 in 1 10A Dshot600 ready BLHELI_S ESC; one of the most efficient ESC for micro drones, the better one ESC is BLHeli-S 20A used in Arfun 95 Pro. Lizard 95 is great little quad for freestyle or racing. It’s amazing fast, jumpy.

Only the FPV camera might be better; 600TVL HD CMOS , for most drones pilots, the view is to blurry, so about camera we can only say that is enough…

2.Arfun 95 PRO

And if we speak about Arfun 95 PRo is the second place of the top 5 micro racing drones list. Why? First, because of 20A B/Heli ESc on the baord, usually mounted on bigger racing drones. Bigger current of ESC makes Arfun 95 compatible even with 4s battery. Normally micro racing drones are comaptible with max 3s battery, so this is madness.

Arfun Pro 95 is also super light, only 58g without battery or 100g with battery !!! It’s really hard to believe how jumpy and fast is that drone. Moreover, it’s not only super light, but also super tough. The thickness of the carbon frame is 3mm, so it’s almost impossible to break it. And if we speak about advantages of Arfun Pro 95 it’s hard not to mention about the thrust of motors. DYS 7800KV with included Gemfan BN2035 four-blade propellers can generate 1000g of thrust!!! It’s 10 times more then the weight of the drone with battery on the board.

As a standard of micro racing quadcopters Arfun Pro 95 has mini F3 FC with Betaflight and OSD. Of course Buzzer and LED .The second place of the TOP 5 list for Arfun 95 PRo for drone pilots might not be so obvious , because Arfun 95 Pro has a lot of fans , that claim that is better then Lizard 95 and indeed is justified, couse it’s real rocket.

3.Awesome Q95

Awesome 95 is super light and fast micro drone. It weighs only 45g without battery, but the construction is really tough made of 3K carbon fieber. On the board of Awesome Q95 we can find 1103-7500KV motors with a lot of thrust a specially that the drone is really light, powerful 10A Blheli_S, Dshot 600 ready or well-known FC for small racing quadcopters mini F3 6DOF with OSD that is easy to set up and guarantee high reliability and accuracy.

Awesome 95 is compatible with 2-3s battery, but on s battery shows its real power and possibilities. Awesome 95 comes with 2035 2inch PC 4-blade propellers and props guards, LEDs and buzzer. The weak part of the Awesome Q95 set is FPV camera, but as we could see before it’s a standard – 600TVL and it won’t give a really sharp and clear FPV view.

In case of Awesome Q95 FPV camera has no in/out video, so if we want to use OSD is better to repalce it. So to sum up everything Awesome Q95 is really fast micro racing drone with impressive low weight and that’s the biggest advantages, but also with great parts on the board and definitely deserves 3rd place on that list.

4.SPC 90S

This micro racing drone, that can be powered by 4S battery. Fast, furious , madness!!! With battery on the baoard SPC 90S weighs 86g, so it’s less then in case of  the heaviest drone of our list -Lizard95, but still a lot for micro drone. Somebody might say:” So why Lizard95 is faster then lighter and  4s powered SPC 90s?”.The anwear are motors… Well, if we compare this two drones, we could also see that 1104 7500KV brushless motors used in SPC 90s are not so efficient like Lizard’s 95 6000KV and that’s the main and huge difference that realistically limits 4s power of SPC 90s to 3s ( what it’s still a lot).Lizard 95 motors have a huge thrust and couple of grams in this case are not that important.

For a lot of great features that we have to mention, if we speak about advantages of SPC 90s is :SP F3 with Betaflight, Dshot 600 ready and OSD. It is also hard not to compare SPC 90S to ARFun 90 pro and on this case is need to be said clear that ARFun 90 pro has 20A 4in1 ESC ESc on the board, while SPC 90s only 10A 4in1 ESc, so the current is lower. Also bottom plate is 0,5-1mm thinner; SPC 90s- 2,5mm lower and 1,5mm upper, Arfun 90 Pro – 3mm, but the weight of these two drones without battery is the same – 56g.If we speak about camera it’s still 600 TVL, so is ok, but there are better ones. It is worth to mention that SPC 90s comes with a beeper and LED strip and 2 batteries in a nice case. All these features makes SPC 90s very strong 4 place on the TOP 5 list.

5.SPC 95GF

This drone ends our top 5 list of micro racing drones. Powerful mini racing quad with great camera on the board- the newest model of SPC – SPC 95GF. SPC 95GF is younger brother of SPC 90s from really great SPC series and it’s denitely worth to buy. SPC 95GF is dedicated for 2-4s batteries and on 4s we would feel the power.

It’s not the lightest drone ever, because without battery its weight is 72g and with battery 105g. To comapare with Awesome Q95 or SPC90s or Arfun 95 PRo it’s quite a lot. To be fair, it’s close to Lizard95. Despite the fact that it’s not light as the feather, it has a lot to offer the user. At first is RunCam Micro Swift 1/3 “600TVL FPV camera 2.1mm lens CCD camera- the biggest advantages of this drone. No more 600TVL CMOS FPV camera! Yeah! This camera give the user really great, clear and sharp view. Really very small, but powerful micro camera with good FOV. Assembly and image quality is really great and the latency is also very low.

What else features we might find in this little beast? Well, Ominibus F3 flight controller with OSD – as its competitors, so really nice FC, that guarantee fast response and alot of fuctions, Mini 4 in 1 BLheli_s 10A ESC D-Shot ready and capable to power 2s-4s batteries and SPC Maker S1104 7500KV brushless motor with really good thrust. SPC 95GF comes with Buzzer and LED board.

We hope that we make your decision much easier. All these drone are really the best on the market right now. Remeber that micro racing drones are fun and enjoy the flight 🙂

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