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Deal Score+1
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SKYRC Q200 is the best charger so far because is really cheap compare to built in features. Q200 can charge almost all kinds of RC batteries, has 4 charging ports and built in bluetooth so charging and managing is now super easy. Next thing which you will notice is big color screen, so lets start.


  • AC Input: 100 – 240 V
  • DC Input: 11 – 18 V
  • M
  • 4 Ports output charging: A/B per port 100W 10A  & C/D  per port 50W 5A
  • Product weight: 1.335 kg
  • Package weight: 2.106 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 19.70 x 18.20 x 7.10 cm
  • Package size (L x W x H): 22.00 x 20.00 x 8.00 cm

In the box we will find:

  • SKYRC Q200 Charger (x1)
  • XH Adaptor (x4)
  • Charging Cable (x2)
  • Banana Connectors w/ XT60 Connector Charging Cable (x4)
  • Power Cord (x1)

Build qulity is on of the best I have ever seen , everything fits perfectly. Charger is really heavy so if you will pick up this charger by one had you have to squeez the shell really hard but here is not a problem because plastic is really stiff and deep so it will not break/dent easily.

Two power Inputs, this is what I love because we can easily use 220V AC or simple car battery to charge batteries 🙂

Two big Fans on sides are not very loud but for sure will not allow achrger to overheat 🙂

Banana connectors this is only one thing which I don’t like in this charger because if we mistecaly switch battery inputs then charger could be permanently damaged. All manufacturers are using this banana garbage , why not XT60/XT90 ?? ( XT connectors  can be connected only in one direction/way ).

Included cables are HQ , fits perfect to the ports in charger

High res screen is quite big, only 5 buttons, easy to understand menu. These 3 things make this charger super easy to manage without any manuals.

Lots of features built in like internal resistance , battery monitor,

Q200 works with all kind of charge adapters like parelle boards, multiple boards etc… . Voltage accuracy is one of the best I have seen so far , only 0,02V difference between Q200 and my Uber quality multimeter ( ofcourse we can easily calibrate it to make it perfect, but sometimes in inperfection is beauty ).

Here you can see parelle adapter for 1s batteries , you can use it if you are sure that all batteries are at almost same voltage .  If you are not sure what is voltage for every single battery then always use storage mode at first ( if one of the battery has more than 0,1v you can’t charge it with others, maximum difference should be 0,1V like 3,8 and 3,9V )

Here you can see 3s adapter, this one connecting 3 x 1s battery so Q200 treat it like one 3s Lipo. Every single cell is balanced separetly so connected lipos can be at different voltage.

Turnigy 6S adapter connects 2 x 3s battery to one 6s battery. Every single cell in batteries is balanced separetly.

This is my FAV parelle charging board, here we can charge 6x 1-6S batteries with maximum 10A.

As you can see charger works perfect with all kind of adapters, even internal resistance checker works perfect 🙂 .

LIHV Lipos ? , no problem 🙂 . When we connect Q200 to PC we can controll end volatge of charging  so if we decrease a bit voltage  then LIHV life span will be bit  greater.

Andoid APP this is the best features ever for chargers, we can  easily controll every single channel by smartphone ! ( bluetooth working distance is huge , about 20 meters at home ! ).

On the top you can see channels from 1 to 4 ( A-B-C-D ), you can start charging/storage/ discharge by chosing what you need in multi menu also you can check what is the volatge amperage  for every single cell.

Only missing is option to check internal resistance but this is really not big deal because we can do it manually on charger.

Will I buy it again ?

Sure thing, I have seen lots of chargers , more or less pro. BUT SkyRC Q200 is the best one ever for only 160$ , its super powerful , 4 ports which can be easily controlled by smartphone and high quality power ends which can be updated by future software so this charger can manage new type of batteries which will roll out in a future. Accuracy is simply amazing,  only 0,02V difference between my Uber multimeter ?! ( this is a madness ). I really didn’t find any CON , this is the best charger than you can buy now and in a close future !.

1000000 x Cheers for all your support Guys ! ( really :* ! )
I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( Pirat is incorruptible ).

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