The best FPV goggles Top list 2017

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I’ve decided to look really  good , multifunctional and not obscenely expensive FPV goggles. I’ve decided to find an alternative for Fat Shark FPV, which one really great , cult but the truth is that we pay more because it’s FatShark…

Don’t worry you will find Fat Shark on that list-still are awesome, but because of the price won’t be first option. I claim that every FPV fan can find affordable option for him on that list. Can we pay less and not go wrong? With 100% sure YES!!!

What features are important if want to buy the FPV goggles for use? I’ve taken into consideration:

1.Good Price Is fair to the quality of goggles and how rich is the set (do we have to buy some extra parts to make use FPV goggles or we get everything and we just unpack and fly)

2.Functionality  Which means what function have our goggles on the board. We will be looking for:

  • DVR= built-in recorder, so we can record the flight
  • 3D mode =possibility to experience 3D flight
  • Diversity and  built- in receiver – We have to separated, independent receivers and anntenas , which finds the best qaulity of the signal to give the user the best view, for long or short distance
  • HDMI output =port that brings the hight quality of the view and we use to connect goggles to PC and use goggles as simulator or FPV gaming experience.
  • Auto-search = goggles automatically find the best and the strongest signal and find channels and band
  • Front camera= extra feature, that allows us to see what is going on arund us , without need to take of goggles
  • Head- tracking

4.Screen quality Must be sharp and clear instead blurred. Great if has adjustable parameters

5.Reception The quality of the signal and FPV view

6.Overall quality Goggles need to be comfort, portable and good quality

Let’s start 🙂 Here is the list:

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D


SKY02S 3D FPV Goggles  are the best goggles and the most advanced on the market, mostly thanks to 3D mode(but not only) , that makes jelous all FatShark users.

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D are main worthy competitor for expensive FatSharks goggles; Skyzone as first on the market gave the user  possibility to 3D flight expierience.

For 360$ you get everything that you need; nice small goggles with great features on the board. Full set without need to buy extra module to fly 2D .But if you want to enjoy 3D experience you need  3D camera SKY301 and the dual transmitter SKY201. You can buy this set separatly or as a set with goggles 427, 99$

Perfect Screen quality, in every detail… All users of Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D goggles are agree that the image is clear and sharp. Binocular display (two monitors) really can give the best quality of view:  854X480(WVGA) 1,229,760 color sub-pixels,  brightness: 350cd/㎡ and thanks to Image Adjustment, user can set parameters of the view as the brightness, contrast, interpupillary and diopter for his eyes. Skyzone goggles have two most common screen aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:3.

 Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D =a lot of functions. Even if user want use all, it hard not to say that Skyzone doesn’y give the user plenty of possibilities.

Built-in  40CH 5.8G diversity receiver with raceband and -90dBm±1dBm sensitivity is quite unieversal and compatible with  the most popular FPV 5.8G transmitters on the drone and RC market.  For example; Boscam, DJI, Skyzone. The big pros is that you don’t need to spend extra money for receiver, because it’s a part of set. Of course built-in receiver has also a con; it’s no option for different frequencies  1.3G, 2.4G. Overall, the reception is really great.

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D comes with two 2 x 5.8G 2dBi Antenna, but you can also easily increase the quality singnal using two diffenent antennas for example cloverleaf antenna, that will work in all directions and a patch antenna with  the better reception and sensitivity, but only in one direction. Antenna Connector: 2x SMA 50ohm.

SKY02S V+ 3D have two diversity modes:

3D mode Two lens 3D camera that using the parallel shooting method will bring you strong 3D vision for close-range shooting and weaker for long-distance shooting. It requires the 3D camera SKY301 and the dual transmitter SKY201. You can buy this set separatly. Notice, that it’s only available under the RF mode.

-normal 2D diversity mode

Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D has also Screen OSD and auto searching funtion-it shows the user all the channels and bands and which one has the best reception.

We will also find built-in DVR  with playback function is part of a set. So once again we lower the costs and just add a micro SD (max 32gb) card and we are ready to record. You can record with 640×480 resolution and depends of choice video format PAL or NTSC – 30fps for NTSC source and PAL at 25fps.  .

Front camera with  640x480p resolution and 60 degree FOV allows you to see what’s going on around you , without need to take off the goggles. Very comfortable solution, that will help the user focus on the flight. It’s switchable so you can easily change FPV view to front camera view.

Let’s say couple of words about  head tracking. SkY02S V+  have built-in self-calibrating head tracking  based on gyro, inertial and compass. It works perfect, we have checked on Traxxas car here 🙂

HDMI output not only bring the new quality of the view , but also makes SKY02S V+ 3D ready to use with  PC as  FPV simulator.  SKY02S 3D has also A/V Port: 3.5mm and Ear Out: 3.5mm with volume control. Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D is compatible with 3s battery.

SKY02S 3D are very portable and small, but no fan on the board can make you sweat in sunny day. The shape of the goggles doesn’t fit everyone’s face, but we are different so it’s hard to make happy every single user.It comes with two different types of face plates, so you can always pick up better. The best goggles on the market!!!!

Aomway Commander V1 FPV goggles

The second place of that list belongs to Aomway Commander V1 FPV goggles. The best value compare to price.Aomway FPV are very popular model from FVP pilots and that’s not a surprise , becuause these goggles are amazing and have a lot of great features. The price is also attractive and are a little bit cheaper than SKY02S 3D , but don’t have cool feature like front camera, but have a fan.

It’s also hard to not to compareAomway Commander V1 FPV  to FatShark FSV1063 Dominator V3  FPV goggles … And the truth is that the Aomway have better FOV- 32 degree and comes with receiver module,which means that set is richer and goggles are cheaper.

Aomway Commander V1 FPV goggles were updated and you have to be careful because you can buy old version and the latest upgraded. You can easily recognize it looking at antennas:

Old version comes with 5dBi straight antenna and patch antenna.

New version  with patch antenna and clovereleaf antenna(like below)It has also upraded fireware.

The screen resolution of Aomway Commander V1 is 854 x 480 with 32 degree FOV, switchable 16:9 and 4:3- so pretty nice. Of course it’s binocular display. Brigthness and contrast are adjustable. Next great features are Interpupillary Distance (IPD) adjustment from 59 to 69 mm and  supports the diopter lens, -2, -4 and -6 dpt, so you can fit perfectly to your needs and eyes.

DVR is also on the board. DVR can work like “black box”, which means that Aomway goggles start to recording, when we turn on it, so it’s a very nice extra feature. Goggles supports max 32gb SD card.  DVR is only analog. Switchable NTSC/PAL, but no matter what option will user choose  files will be recorded in VGA (640×480) at 25fps. Aomway Commander V1  support 3D function: Side/Side 3D and have stereo audio output and the HDMI port, that supports 720P and 3D signal inputs.

You need to remeber that if you want to enable DVR menu, you need to turn off the radio frequency mode (just a tip). The true is that menu is very basic and poor  and here is no HMDVR module of all menu settings.

Commander V1 RF  supports 2D or 3D mode. Be aware of the fact that you can only record in RF-2D mode and strangely in HDMI3D  and there is no possibility to record when you are in RF-3D or HDMI. Overall, DVR is really nice; no cropping or  frame lost while recording. The bit rate of the Commander V1 is 5.7kbs.

Unfortunatelly Aomway Commander V1 has no OSD RSSI information, so that is a one of the con of these goggles.

Head tracking is available, but it is optional , so it’s extra paid feature. So 2-axis head tracker  is only for advanced version.

Aomway Commander V1 have also dual built-in 5.8G 40CH diversity sensitive receiver, that supports 5 bands and 40CH. The reception is really good. Diversity always benefit users a  good reception for both, near and far distances: for a long distance it is adviced to use patch antenna, for short and medium distance switch to cloverleaf antenna. In the new version of goggles we get patch antenna and cloverleaf.

For some users built-in receiver is a con, but insure that not in case of Aomway Commander V1 … Despite the fact, that user can’t easily upgrade built-in receiver for something more sensitive, the external receiver is really great, so there’s simply no need.

Aomway Commander V1 have auto search channel function.

The overall quality of the Aomway Commander V1 is good, despite the fact are  made of  mate plastic. Aomway Commander V1 have  fan and anti-fog lens an two sets of comfortable foam padding . A little surprise might be an added  little balance port adapter that comes with these goggles, that allows you to use any 2-4S LiPo. Moreover, goggles are portable and light.

Dominator V3 FPV goggles and Fat Shark Dominator HD3 = Expensive, cult and great

Let’s talk first about Dominator HD3 FPV goggles a little. The latest model of Fat Shark. Great, but expensive- 500$ for set without antennas and receiver module. But to fair  I have to admit that all more advanced Fat Shark goggles are poor equipped. A lot of users upgraded from the dominator v3 to the HDv3 and with doubts can’t go wrong. The big differences make FOV : the HD2s (50 degree) and the HD3s (42 degree) ,resolution . Both FatShark models has 16:9 aspect ratio, in case HD3s is adjusted automatically to 16:9 for HD… So if we compare the same aspect ratio on these two models of FatShark, the view of Dominator V3 will be smaller then in HD3s, because the difference of FOV parameter.

The differences between are clear. Fat Shark Dominator HD3 will bring the user better view :

                                                                      Fat Shark Dominator HD3                      FatShark Dominator V3

FOV (Diagonal)                                                     42 degree                                                       30 degree
Adjustable IPD                                                      59-69mm                                                        59-69mm
Display Resolution                                            SVGA 800×600                                          WVGA 800×480
Video-out Resolution                                              720p                                                                  720p
Power Consumption                                                 4W                                                                    3.6W

The newest version has some impovments, but it’s hard to say price is fair.  No 16:9 for analog, no DVR for HDMI input, very bad for a 500$ google set. Dominator HD3 are 150$ overpriced, when look at Skyzone goggles or Aomway…All other features stay the same. The concept of design is also similar. That’s why we gonna speak about The Dominator V3 FPV goggles, as an example. Cheaper one -350$ without receiver module and antennas. The price is still not outstanding, but for many RC pilots and Fat Shark fans acceptable.

But enough about the price… The Dominator V3 FPV goggle are really good stuff.

Dominator V3 goggles have great binocular displays with WVGA standard 800 x 480 resolution,16:9, 30° FOV, adjustable 59-69mm  Interpupillary Distance  and Optional Diopter Lens -2, -4, -6 dpt. We really can complain. The screen quality is comparable to Aomway and Skyzone goggles.

Dominator V3 has also head tracking option, but need to buy extra module- Trinity 3 axis head trucker, which means that price is still growing, but it’s a great feature.

Dominator V3 has also diversity option , but receiver module and antennas are needed. Dominator V3 is comapatible with 1.3G, 2.4G or 5.8G receiver modules. For example: LaForge V2 RX 5.8Ghz spectrum analyzer with OLED display and IR emitter(69.99$) or The ImmersionRC 700mW 2.4GHz Tx (69$) or Fat Shark 5.8GHZ 5G8RX 32ch Race Band Receiver Module for Dominators for 30 $. Check here 

And of course ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8GHz Antenna for 39,99$ for set. It’s not cheap, but very good solution and  can receive video for all your different frequencies that you use. So it’s very custom option.

Dominator V3 goggles have DVR with playback and auto-save function on the board and support 3D: side/side 3D content in (both analog and HDMI) and it’s NTSC/PAL auto switching. Storage memory to max 32GB SD card.  It has also switchable 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, but DVR recording in 4:3, which for some of fpv users is a big con, a specially that  that some FPV cameras has 16:9 aspect ratio.

Dominator  V3 goggles have HDMI input is perfect for simulator.

Dominator V3 goggles are very comrtable, light and small goggles. Faceplate and foam fits well, but of course is subjective opinion.

Eachine Goggles Two 5 Inches= Big but functional

The old and still good Eachine goggles Two are still hot. If don’t like big goggles maybe the features and low price might convince you?

For whole set with Eachine goggles we gonna spend 160$ and optional extra 15$ for Eachine PRoDVR, so still these goggles are budget.

Screen is 5inches and has max 1900x 1080 resolution, FOV is 78 degree, contrast and brightness is adjustable- so really not bad score.  The display is have a bright and crisp.Goggles don’t have auto select PAL or NTS funtion.

Eachine goggles Two have diversity, built-in 5.8G 40 CH receiver and comes with decent antennas- mashroom and flat. To be honest the 360 reception is great. Users don’t complain;no video drops or black screen. Moreover auto search function helps to find the channel and band with the strongest signal

It’s compatibile with 16:9 and 4:3  fpv cameras.

All needed features on the board :Analog 5.8G input and hDMI output, built-in audio volume headphone output(adjustable volume) and built-in headset.

Is’t possibility to add DVR module . Only 15$ and some soldering skills are needed. Not difficult, but not out of the box feature and plenty of videos providing mods for that.

To sum up, great big goggles. Definitely not portable, but not heavy -310g without battery, made of styrofoam. Intead of fan , motherboard cooling. For fans of smaller model of FPV goggles might a little bulky , but work fine .

FLYKEY RAFALE V1 FPV= amazing reception!!!

Unknown company makes a really good product 🙂 True or fales? True!FLYKEY RAFALE V1 FPV goggles are a proof.

If we speak about the dispaly, the resolution is not worse then in other smaller models of FPv goggles; 854 x 480 , LCD is 350 cd/㎡(center point), also not bad. As was mentioned in a case of other goggles , adjustable IPD is a great feature and we can it on the board of FLYKEY RAFALE V1; 55mm – 65mm.

FLYKEY RAFALE V1 fpv goggles have also diversity and if we replace two pole antennas, which are the weak part of the set, the reception is really amazing. (Cloverleaf antenna and patch antenna are needed)Of course it’s not just about antenna. Receiver 5.8G  48CH is quite sensitive- <-92dBm(15dBuV), so it’s capable to provide strong signal. To make it easier FLYKEY RAFALE V1 have auto reach for channel and bands. The FPV is clear and bright and have great range.

FLYKEY RAFALE V1 comes with OSD menu, so next great feature on the board.

RAFALE V1 Goggles fpv goggles doesn’t have DVR and it;s such a shame… And one of the biggest cons…

FLYKEY RAFALE V1 goggles are powered by built-in , but removable 1s 1000mA/3.7V LiPo. So only one battery, you might ask. Yes, but as part of a set you get power cabel, that you can connect the battery and charge during a flight. So there is no bigger problem here 🙂

The build of these googles is also really good. No doubt are small and light and quite comfortable.

The price of full set is 299$, so not bad. But if you want increase the possibilities, in this case reception, you have to invest in antennas.


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