Best FPV Goggles 2017 for Beginners & Pros Eachine SKYzone

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What are the Best FPV Goggles in 2017, small and big , cheap expensive :). This is my TOP List , I consider many FPV goggles which are avilable now on the market. I have read many reviews , watch many samples and even check some by my self so here you will findy truly the best choice for you.

The Best BiG FPV Goggles Cheap one

Eachine FPV EV800 seems to be great FPV goggle compare to price. EV800 has 40 channels 5.8ghz and 5″ monitor with resolution 800×600. Great thing is that this goggle can be used also as a  stand alone monitor ! ? . Another great feature is built-in huge battery 2000mah, which can be charged with usb or 2s/3s battery.

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The Best BiG FPV Goggles Expensive one

Skyzone SJ-H01 are newest ” Big ” goggles which has build in head tracking and great Full HD IPS screen which is software divided at half so we can enable 3d. Ofcourse it has diversity and HDMI in/out. As we know skyzone is manufacturing high quality FPV eqipment so for sure newes SJ-H01 will work great. Only one thing is missing , DVR ? . But For the this ones are the best on the market, ofcourse video quality should be better than on super expensive fatshark HD.

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The Best Small FPV Goggles Cheap one

FatShark Teleporter V5 are the cheapest small FPV goggles, quality is not the best ever, even if price is still about 165$. I think this goggles will be great choice for people who deseprate need super small FPV goggles  BUT you have to know that even EAchine EV800 has 5x better image quality but its still big fat cow compare to teleporter V5

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The best Small FPV Goggles Expensive one

Skyzone SKY02S V+ The Best mini small goggles for me, lower price compare to fatshark and image quality is really. Image size is not the biggest one but thanks to this is really crispy and sharp. On bard we will find any kind of useful features like DVR, headtracking,  AV OUT-IN, HDMI IN, Front camera & can be switched to 3D mode  ! 🙂 . After some testing I can say that I love this goggles, they have everything what I need and even more.

So this is my Top List of The Best FPV Goggles in early 2107. What do you think ?

I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( Pirat is incorruptible ).
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