The best FC for micro racing drones

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Three Micro FC for fast racing mini quads. Tiny, light, powerful and easy to configurate. The best choice ūüôā

1. HGLRC XJB F425 Flytower F4 Flight Controller

On the top of the list of the best micro FC for little racers we have super powerful¬†HGLRC XJB F425. Why it’s the best? In this size and this price is the most advance micro FC with extra features. Real powerhouse for your ¬†mini racer!

At first this FC has built-in super strong 4-in-1 BLHeli РS 25A ESC, DShot600 ready that can provide a tons of power. It could used with rrally powerful motors. And if speak about the power, this FC can handle 2s-4s battery, so enthusiasts of more powerful drones will be also satisfied.

This micro F4 Flight Controller has the newest¬†¬†STM32F405RGT6 MCU processor , that guarantees fast respond and it’s based on cult firmware¬†BetaFlight OMNIBUSF4- easy update and configuration. Fast 8/8k loop time; quad flies very responsively, but the the motors aren’t to hot.

You don’t need extra skills to bind XJB F425¬†;All you need to do is solder the ESC’s and the signal cables from the ESC’s and you are good to fly.

We can’t forget about extra features like integrated OSD, LED stripes and buzzers supportand BEC.

The next big pros might be fact that¬†HGLRC XJB F425 FC is really micro- 20mm ¬†size. It has typical flytower build; a great solution for micro quads and it’s super light- 8g. So the size compare to its features is really impressive.

The best FC doesn’t mean the most expensive. For¬†HGLRC XJB F425 Flytower FC we spend 53$ -58$ and the price is fair to quality and feauters of this mini FC.

2.Eachine Minicube Flytower FC

Eachine Minicube Flytower is next amazing Fc for your micro quadcopter. It’s really tiny – 20mm and weighs only 13,6g with ESC and receiver .Eachine Minicube FC comes with ESC and receiver (optional) . For this set of FC, receiver and ESC we pay only 50$, so it’s really great price. It’s quite similar FC that this one used in Eachine Liazard95- cult powerful beast!

If we speak about receiver … We can choose among :Eachine¬†Minicube DSM2/ DSMX satellite Receiver¬†,¬†Eachine Minicube Flysky 8CH AFHDS2A receiver or Eachine Minicube Frsky¬†Compatible¬†2.4G 8CH Receiver. If we pick up the Frsky receiver we would get really super feature=RSSI. With Frsky receiver the range with be increased to even 1km!!!

Eachine Minicube FC has STM32 F303 MCU proccesor and¬†MPU6000 sensor chip working in SPI mode. It is F3 type FC with firmware OmnibusF3. It’s super easy to install and setup, using Betaflight. You jus plug and fly!

Eachine Minicube 10A BLHeli_S 4 In 1 ESC are quite powerful and can handle 2s/3s batteries, so it’s powerful option for micro racing quadcopters.

On the board of Eachine Minicube Fc we can find also OSD, easy to configurate in BETAFLIGHT GUI, Extra features are LED_STRIP solder pin and BUZZER.

3. Micro 20x20mm Betaflight Omnibus STM32F4 F4 Brushless Flight Controller Integrated with BEC OSD

Really good micro FC for really great price. This time we pay only for FC, there’s no ESC or receiver on the board.. It’s really tiny-20mm – a coin size and weights 3g. It costs only 15$- so it’s really cool price.

It’s also F4 controller, so it has fast¬†STM32F405RGT6 proccesor and the newest firmware¬†OMNIBUSF4, that could easily configurated in Betaflight. It’s powerful FC , that might be powered by 2s-4s. This FC also have fast time loop.

This micro Fc comes with OSD , telemetry output and voltage reading.

It supports PPM/SBUS/DSM2/DSMX.

Despite the fact this micro FC doesn’t come with ESC, it can handle¬†the newest ¬†BLheli DSHOT ESC. The extra feature is also BEC. It ¬†also supports LED and buzzer .





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