Best ESC 20mm for Mini Brushless Drone What you have to Know

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Are you ready to upgrade your Eachine Aurora 68 90 100 or other brushless drone to 3s 11,1V or even 4s 14,8v Lipo? The newest ESC micro boards 27mm / 20mm are the trully game changers . We are not forced any more to use only 2s lipos , because from now we can unleash BEAST mode in our drone with 3s or even 4s battery !!! The devil is in details, so let’s talk about it 🙂

More voltage = more F.U.N

On motors we can find a label with KV, which says how much rpm (rotations per minute) we can get per volt “KV ” 🙂  So, more voltage = more rpm. In most cases, motors for mini drones are between 5500-9000 KV . Let’s analize the situation when we have 9000 rpm per volt; so with 2s 8.4V we get 75000 rpm (we count this on this way;  8.4V x 9000 rpm=75000 rpm)  , but with 3s 12,6V it will be 133 400 RPM ( 50% more ! )

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Motors can melt

More voltage means more power, but also more heat, which can kill motor. You have to remember that 11 000 KV motors will be only good for 2s lipo, because if you will try to use 3s battery then RPM will be to big and that in the best , the bearing will overheat and break, in the worse scenario, coil in motor will overheat and melt, due to high rpm / higher air resitance / higher amperage. If motor gonna melt, it will make short circuit and  might burn ESC  with whole drone …  So what you have to remember:

8000kv or more- only 2s LIPO

5500-8000 – only 3s LIPO

Less than 5500KV you can try 4s LIPo, but start with 2 blade, no BN props.

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Higher voltage = smaller props

Props are  the second most important thing after voltage. To big props will not increase thrust/power ( it could even lower it rapidly ), but it will increase power hungry/amperage and temperature, so as you know from point 2, motor will probably melt …We have to remember about that, when we want to find pefect props. To choose the right ones, we have to test it by yourself. The safest solution is  starting with stock propellers.

But for sure don’t use 4-5 blade bullnose props with 4s battery, because these small motors can’t handle it. What about 3s… Well, not much info about it, so far, but maxium 3blades BN like DYS could work.

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Is all your electronic parts ready for 3s-4s LIPO

Before you connect 3-4s LIPO to your drone, always check if flight controller is compatible with with your new lipo. Next thing is FPV VTX . If it’s connected straight to the battery , be carefull and find more info. But if it’s connected to FC with 5V out, then don’t worry.

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Battery size and C rate

Don’t buy battery with the same capacity/mah, if you are switching to higher voltage lipo, because weight of the battery will be increased for about 30-50% and drone will have at the and less punch/power. So if you got 90-100mm drone and you are using 450-500mah 2s lipos, buy 300-350mah or 4s 200-250mah.

There is also C rating, which means how much amper/power you can get from battery in short time, so it’s better to have high number in C rating like:

500mah 30c / 50c peak

450mah 30c / 60c peak

300-350mah   40c / 75C

250mah at least 60c

* In some cases if you are using 2s lipo and your dron is super slow then check high quality battery like SLS / tattu / gens ace, because these companies  are manufacturing the best lipos on the market. You can be really suprised that your drone could be even 50% more powerful with high quality lipo at the same voltage.

Remember that power difference between 2s 450mah 30c/60c and 3s 300 20c/30c will be not visible, because low C battery will be not able to provide enough amperage to run motors.

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So what is the difference

The difference could be just a little or HUGE. If you switch from 2s to 3s battery and consider all things, which I have mentioned in this article, you should achieve 20-40% more power, which is noticable  😈

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List of The Best ESC to get

Drone size 60-80mm

Favourite ESC FVT LittleBee Spring 2-3S 6A / 10A peak Dshot 600 Weight 6g

Racestar mini ESC 3-4S 12A / 17A peak Dshot 600 Weight 12g

Drone size 90-110mm

Favourite FVT LittleBee Spring 2-3S 10A /15A peak Weight 6g

Racestar mini ESC 3-4S 12A / 17A peak Dshot 600 Weight 12g

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