Best battery for FPV goggles 2017 Cheap Eachine Fatshark Skyzone

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Deal Score+1

What is the best battery for FPV goggles ? Cheap or expensive ?Here you can find the answer-in my list. I you want to buy the best battery for FPV goggles , all you need to do is consider couple things:

1st one is your safety.  Cheap batteries have no hard case and as you know LiPo LiIon are not very safe batteries , especially, when we have them so close to our pretty face. It could be just one second and  our skin will be burned and it will never be the same… How to prevent that kind of situations?! If you feel that battery is getting very hot when you charge it or simply by using it or it’s puffed then NEVER USE IT ! (do you remember Freddy Krueger !?)

2nd thing is true capacity. As you can see below on my list, you can find that ” Eachine Smart ” has  the best relation quality/ capacity to price. I’ve checked that and the true is that this battery is more like 1000mah than 1600mah (I charged it to max 1180mah and I’m asking kindly “where is my missing 400mah god damn it !”) 🙄  Never thrust manufacturer xD) That’s why I mention about TRUE CAPACITY 🙂

3rd is life span. Good quality LiPo can be charged 50 times without loosing capacity, but every next charging will decrease capacity due to chemicals things. The same situation is in case LiIon batteries, but this one has bit better life span ( some LI-xx batteries can be charged even 200 times with 50% capacity loss ). Never left fully charged LiPO or LiIon batteries for longer than 24H. Otherwise life span/capacity will be rapidly decreased in time. It is happening due to chemistry of battery. Safe storage voltage is 3.8V per cell , but remeber LI-xxx batteries are never safe to use , if someone say that ” it’s safe to use ” then please , trash this guy out.

7.4V 1000mAh Lipo

This battery is super cheap -only 6,5$. It has L connector, so it can be used with Skyzone Fatshark or Eachine. Can by charged by balancer port. What can I say more? 🙂

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Eachine Smart Battery 2s 7.4v 1600mah LiPo

I love simplicity in this battery 🙂 it has standard goggle battery connector and to charge it we just need to use USB charger- simple. On the top of the case we can find battery meter, which is really useful. This battery is simply great but has also a CON- it provides consistent voltage output, so we always have to check how much juice has left in battery or… we can have bad suprise 🙁

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Eachine 2s 2200mah LiIon

This battery has the biggest capacity on my the best batteries list and LiIon cells, which means that is a bit better than LiPo batteries; cells can last longer when are fully charged and there will be no big damage and can handle bit more charge cycles. Battery connector will fit in goggles, but here is a one con: To charge this battery we need adapter or we have to cut cable and solder extra connector like xt60.

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FatShark 2s 1800mah LiPo

The last one battery on my list, but first one if we consider quality. Not much to say – simply the best choice 🙂 The highest quality lipo for fpv goggles so far.  FatShark 2S are safe to use, due to high quality components ( balancer connector can be hide ) This battery can be charged by simple chargers without  any problems, because it will come with extra adapter .

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