Best 2s LIPO for Mini FPV Racing Drones 80-110 size

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Always when I bought typical chinese lipos I been soo MAD, becasue battery puffed straight away or discharge rate was so low that my drone brown out on full throttle. BUT new high discharge lipos from China lika Gaoneng and Eachine seems to game game changer, supe high discharge rates and true capacity for good price. I didn’t test it yet ,but before I write this article I checked many opinions about these LIPOs and all of them are positive live ” fuck yeah “, ” At least no brown out ” , ” Nano tech sucks ” etc… . I orderd bunch of these batteries so I am sure that it will be not wast of money.

Here are top chinese lipos which can handle even most power hungry drones like ARfun 90

1) Gaoneng 80/160C this battery is true BADASS , if you are using 550mah version then like other users says ” voltage is not droping ” so it has huge amperage rate. Even small 350mah can handle power hungry ARfun 90mm, this battery is like Turnigy BOLT 150C or even better 🙂 .

2).Eachine 2s 450mah 80c, also this battery is performing very well. This battery could be great choice due to light weight & huge discharge rate.

3). Gaoneng 50/100C seems to be also great, so far not much people is using this ones, but only positive can be found about this battery. Discharge rate can reach 55A .

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