Best 1s LiPo Battery USB Charger for Mini Drones 5 ports 2,5A !

At least I found the best 1s USB LiPo charger ever, this one is super cheap and efficient. Price is only 3$ , has 5 ports and every single port can provide 0,5A of charging power what is really good score compare to other much more expenise chargers.

Charger will come with extra USB cable, I love green color 🙂

This charger is really powerful compare to its size, can maximally charge 5 batteries at 2,4 Amp ! .

I just forgot to show you guys how accuracy is this charger , it stops charging at 4,18-4,19V ( checked by Pro Multimeter ) . So if you are looking for good and cheap charger for your mini drone then this one should at your list.

Here is my other review of really good discharger, this one is really helpful becasue it will discharge lipo battery to storage voltage 3.8V.

Discharger for LIPO batteries 1s-6s & DJI Phantom Intelligent & Cheap

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