‘Bee’ Miniature Military Drone

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A Polish company has been developing mini drones, dubbed “Bee”, that can be deployed on reconnaissance missions as well as attached to military vehicles to assist the infantry units during attacks.

Polish firm WB Electronics has been testing the “Bee” mini drones, which can be affixed, more than one at a time, to military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers.

With a flight time of 30 minutes, the mini drone can be controlled via a tablet remote from as far as two kilometres away.

The drone is also equipped with two built-in cameras so troops are able to monitor targets through the drone’s live video feed.

Weighing just 300 grams, the cameras sport thermal vision and laser target designation.

An independent communication system is also available as mobile phone connections or wifi signals may not be accessible in battle environments.

The drone is designed to act as a guided missile as the video footage enables troops to lock onto a target.

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Designed to be used in a dense urban setting, the “Bee” mini drone is now undergoing tests in different environments such as desert, jungle and high altitudes.


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