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air dogConstantly controlling a drone manually is difficult, and stressful.  No one to hold the camera? Not a problem.Completely autonomous flight, guaranteed framing… Auto-Follow Drone autonomously tracks you and makes sure you’re in the shot. And you can choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, front, back, sides, above and everywhere in between, close up or far away. Enjoy the important stuff, the filming is taken care of, hands free.

You can record all of your adventures easily and share them with your friends. Auto-Follow Drone is your sidekick, just in case you can’t rent a helicopter plus professional photographer to take a video of your black diamond run.

Auto-Follow Drone follows a signal from the programmable tracker with clever software and sensors inside. It sends signals to the Auto-Follow Drone, indicating exact movement trajectory. All You need to do is just strap the tracker device on your wrist,  helmet and the Auto-Follow Drone is ready to follow you! Auto-Follow Drone intelligently operates itself -Simply get it up in the air, and the rest for you…

auto follow how it works

Moreover this tracker in most of avalible models of Auto-Follow Drones is waterpfooof.

Auto-Follow Drone automatically follows you wherever you go, whatever you do. It’s not bothered by pelting rain, freezing temps, massive waves, or freaking insane places.follow drone airdog

Enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, and jet skiing? Great fun!. That’s why Auto-Follow Drone is completely, 100% waterproof… so you can enjoy intense water sports knowing that your Auto-Follow Drone isn’t going to be affected if a huge wave knocks you off your board and into the water. Auto-Follow Drone can persuade others to join you in your extremes. Auto-Follow Drone doesn’t say “no.” It just follows, flying right along.


Auto-Follow Drone it’s a great solution for :

  • Filmmakers & Photographers
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Travelers & Adventurers
  • GoPro owners
  • First time & experienced drone users alike

With smartphone app and a GoPro, you can become an aerial filmmaker.There is no bulky RC controller to carry around. You also don’t need a co-pilot, since control of the drone and the camera is through one-click or  sliding the bars- quick a nd easy. A smartphone-app controlled gimbal stabilizes your shot.follow drone app


New models are integrate with waterproof smartwatch to make it hands-free and take it on your adventures.

Wind and other factors have caused shaky, unreliable video from camera drones in the past. Auto-Follow Drones are also wind resistant with automatic return if the connection is lost. Auto-Follow Drones are equipped with a special gyroscope stabilized gimbal, meaning your video comes out smooth, every time.

Extreme sports are about extreme conditions. Even your equipment needs to have extreme designs. That’s why Auto-Follow Drones are lightweiht, easy to repair and got impact resistant body.

The most popular models of Auto- Follow Drones are:

  • AirDog

  •  Ghost Drone

  •  Hexo+

  • Iris+

The only concern is: How does Auto-Follow Drone handle obstacle avoidance?

The team of AirDog says:”Our team of engineers has started development of a software based and community driven obstacle avoidance solution. It means that you will be able to define a 3 dimensional “no-fly zones” using our AirDog app. This will enable use of AirDog even in places where simple following wouldn’t be possible or would be dangerous.

AirDog community generated “no-fly zone” maps of your favorite wakeboarding cable parks, MX tracks, bike trails, snow-parks and ski resorts and other unimaginable places will be stored in a Cloud and available for download to all AirDog community members. So whenever you come to a place where someone has made a “no-fly zone” map – you simply download it, sync it with your AirDog and you are ready for a safe flight.”

The teams of Ghost:”The current system requires that you fly Ghost in open areas. The reason is that the avoidance system is not currently in place for the first version. We are working on incorporating the obstacle avoidance function; a system update will be available and rolled out.”

In conclusion… There can’t be too much safety when we are talking about drones. If you keep it in auto mode and fly in areas high enough to avoid obstacles, you should be all set:) Guess we can’t have all, but I think it can change very fast 🙂 It’s just a beginning.

And at the end … Truly wise words from inventor of first Auto Follow- Drone -AirDog about using drones in inappropriate purposes:

“For too long, the drone has been synonymous with warfare. We’ve designed a drone with a very different purpose.

We think it’s time for a  new generation of drones that inspire creativity, enjoyment of nature, healthy lifestyles, and self expression.

AirDog is on a mission to help us achieve that.

The future of the AirDog project is in your hands. You have the chance to be part of a technological breakthrough.

We’ve had a blast — a year of building, testing, developing, dreaming, creating, toiling, and getting ready.”




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