ARFUN 90 Review The Best Mini FPV Racing drone in 2017 !

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ARFUN 90 has te best quality of all mini drones so far, it’s also UBER powerful due to installed DYS BE1104 motors and ESC which can handle 4s 20A & DSHOT600. Frame is the best one I have seen so far due to thickness and quality . ARFUN 90 is 3s capable but when I test it with 2s then it was really hard to hold it in my hand due to HUUUUGE power, so how it will works with 3s ?!Β  😎

BOX Drone Accessories

Dron will come well secured (wrapped by anti shock foil ), this is how looks the box πŸ™‚ .

ARfun looks really Deliciuois , it’s likeΒ love from the first sight. Maybe it’s super tiny ( 90mm) but I can just feel that is a BEAST, DYS motors are best choice due to really high quality , they works perfectly smooth out of the box where everytime when I bought eachine or kingkong then some motor has problem with bearning ( which really pist me on ) . There is no clover antenna !!, I love it because after crash antenna will be in one piece and the video signal strenght will be decreased for only 10-20% which is still not bad.Β  Whole construcion looks crash proof, I am quite sure that it will be really hard to damage this drone due thickness of the frame and all electronic parts are well secured.

Also in the box we will find 10 props 5blades 1935, this props seems to be high quality but we will see πŸ™‚ . Next things are spare screws, zipps and big battery strap.

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ARfun 90 in details

BEAST DYS motors BE1104 7500kv works super smooth out of the box, all bearings are ok πŸ™‚ . This is important thing for me because when I test small drones then most of the has bearing issue which generates lots of vibrations .. . Funny thing is that on DYS motors we can find ” AURORA RC ” brand no, so it seems that new company on the market want be treated seriously. I test this drone in a hand and guys… , this motors produce so big thrust that I couldn’t hold it still !. So yeah 2 300mah battery will no stay very long πŸ˜› , the maximium drawing in current is up to 30AMPS ! ( stock battery can provide 14amps in peak ! ) .

Built in ESC can handle up to 20A and works with 2s – 4S LIPO , DSHOT600 is turned on by default. Aurora RC decide to use that powerful ESC due to installed DYS motors which super power hungry. I changed some stock setting is ESC like motor timing and pwm min/max , you can see it on the image.

Flight controller SP F3 Omnibus will come with presintalled newest betaflight 3.x & built in OSD. I love that we can easily change settings for FC OSD ESC throught flight controller.

FPV AIO VTX transmitter hasΒ  25mw and 48channels so its standard, for me this VTX works great but I noticed that camera is out of focus ( ofcourse this nota problem ). Working distance is good enought around 200meters even with built in omni antenna.

Frame has 3mm thickness at the bottom and 1,5mm at the top , for me it looks like expensive frame from GEPRrc because even here we can find curved edges ! . Will it handle any crashes ? , hell yeah ! , if we consider frame thickness and weight of the drone then for sure it’s ready for some betaing !.

With props on it looks even better 😎 . These 5 blades props are to power hungry, yeah it has huge amount of power ( even biger than my old kingkong 210 GT ) but I think best choice to go will be 2-3 blades because 7500kv motor has less torque. For these 5 blade props best motor could be around 4000kV.

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Battery & mini mod

Included 2s 300mah 25C is a garbage, it can’t provide enought power and simply drone will drop like a brick. I happend because C rating is super low , about 25C but in peak !. Best one for this beast will be Gens Ace 520mah 2s 30c because even nanotech 300mah 45c is out of juice after 40sec.

500mah battery maybe BIG but works much batter than 300mah,Β  this best way to go.

My rubber mod is the best :P, light and hold battery at one place. Just don’t forget to add double tape between battery and frame.

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I was suprised how light is ARFUN 90, 51grams without props &Β  58 with props ( this is really low weight compare to power ).

Here you can see my settings in betaflight

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What I think about ARFUN 90

Shiiiiit this is really good stuff, after some testing I can say that this is trully the best drone under 110mm size on the market so far. It flies like a rocket on 2s battery , I even can’t imagine how fast it could be on 3s battery !. Installed parts are one of the best on the market that we can actually buy for small size drone, I even can’t compare it to eachine 100 because ARFUN 90 at the same price is simply much better. IF you are looking for a drone which can give same FUN like BIG drones then this is THE BEST way to go, tones of power & crash proof as fuck . Will I buy this drone again ? , FUCK YE !Β  .

This review been supported by, without Gearbest this review could be never exist so special Thanks ! :* . BUT I am always honest in my opinions/reviews ( FPVtv is incorruptible ).

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  1. Can you share your PID tuning page in betaflight too?

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