Angry Hornet Best Cheap FPV Racing Freestyle Drone on the market Under 300$

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

GB190 is literally best FPV racing drone at this price so far, there is no way to build better speeder in this price or even for 400$. With this racer you can easy do most amazing stunts and beat all your friends drone, ofcourse don’t be worry about power because this one is overpowered is like BiG pissed off hornet on nitrometan gasoline ! 🙂 . To power up this B E A S T you need to use best lipo on the market like Tatto lipo 4s minimum 1500mah 75C !, motors are power hungry so we need at least 100amp constant power and 130amp in peak ( hell yeaaaaa).

Lets speak about parts in the box:

Frame: GB190 

I like this X frame, look tough and it’s quite light.

Here is how looks all bags ( later I will done frame in 360 🙂   ).

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Best of best , DYS XS30a can work with every singal input like: pwm oneshot, multishot  also max voltage is super high so can work with 6s battery. I love extra porective case ad heatshrinks. These ESC are so easy to use, just solder cables from motors to pads and go .


Motors: Emax RS2205 2300KV

Reliable great motors, super high thrust and power hungry. These motors can produce more than 2kg of thrust and main shaft is trully 5mm , what want more ?


FPV Camera: Runcam Swift L28 RP

Uber crash proof camera with great CCD sony sensor on board. Great feature is that we can adjust camera settings by connecting OSD pad which is included 🙂 .


FPV TX: TS5813s

Simply 25mw FPV TX 5.8ghz 40ch


Flight Controller: SP F3 Acro Dof 6

Good old F3 + Betafligh = Good FUN 🙂

One thing is missing in this box:

Leds and buzzer which can be connected to sp f3 , but it’s cheap and can be easy added 🙂 .

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I can only say, god bless chinese people for this drone


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