Ambulance drones can save our life

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Accidents happen everydays ; in most car crashes, but not only, there’s a lot of threats, wchich can happend to us .

For the example . Can You imagine that You are waiting on the bus stop , going as everyday to work or school and suddenly  the man standing next to You can’t catch a breath.  Everything happens very fast and every minute is precious . After couple minutes he is lying unconscious on the ground. In that kind of case You will call the ambulance.

There are many varaibles factors as traffic jams or big disatnce from the hospital which becomes longer time of arrival of the ambulance .

Sometimes help arrives to late…

Is there some other way to get help faster?

If I haven’t seen this video I wolud probobly say no.

First Aid is a basic, but to be honest   statisticks say that 85 % of people don’t know treatment procedures and have no idea how to act in stress situation as live threat.

But ivent if we are lucky  and we know how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation  there’s a better way to help…

Alec Momont is a student and a project creator of Amubulance Drone.

Ambulance Drone it’s a great and fast  solution to help injured.

In that case aid procedure is very simple: After your call ,emergency dispatcher will send you Ambulance Drone  and give you some details how to use it . Medic will see your every move on the camera insalled on the drone.

As you see on the movie, it takes couple of minutes to send you drone with defibrillator. .It’s a really ultrafast respond system that can save human’s live.  As Alec Momont says, it’s beacuse drone is able to fly straight line and you wait for help 1 min , insted of 10 minutes. Ambulance drone increasing your survival chance from 8 % to 80 %. Moreover Ambulance Drone has special contruction, which is key to place  dron on compact position. It’s also very light.

Couple years ago not many people know what does FPV mean. But this technology evolved very fast and has become very popular not only as entertainment but also as convenience in our live.

One thing We can say for sure it’s now over yet. Moreover it’s a beginnig and our future.

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