Amazon new drone delivery strategy

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Amazon is not giving up the drone delivery. Opponents of the idea claim that drone delivery is a waste of time and money- the drone is fast, but it’s hard to deliver a package in one piece, without a damage and avoid trasport and navigation problems like obstacles or lost of signal . Amazon decided that package will be dropped with parachute. The delivery drone will monitor the package and in the right moment send the signal to open the parachute.

Another story about Amazon drone delivery says that Amazon will send to the sky flying warehouse- a self-flying air ship with packages and drones on the board.

Amazon want also use drones to long-haul delivery and create docking stations for drones with charging feature. But this station won’t only charge the drone…  The idea is  to create a lamp post docking station with navigation system, that will solve the problem of lost drones during delivery process and with postal delivery point function.

Amazon wants to short the time of delivery  to 30 minutes

The truth is drone delivery is the future. Maybe drone delivery is now in a test phase, but technology is developing day by day and Amazon idea might not be as stupid as some sceptics claim.

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