A Salamander Robot in TED

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Salamander robot is new invention from Roboticist Auke Ijspeert , presented at TED ( Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Geneva on December 2015.

Robot Salamnader behaves the same way the real animal do. This biorobot is capable to walk, swim and even mimic the natural world. A salamader robot was designed to understand how animals move. It’s a complicated process, not easy to reconstruct for engineers of robots.

The locomotion of Salamader robot is a perfect reflection of  muscles coordination in nervous system, a skeleton and a descending modulation of the brain of the real salamander.

Salamander robot is a great example of biorobots created for service, rescue or search.  Biorobots are machines inspired by the nature, very useful in the outdoors tasks. Animals assimilate in a perfect way in the enviroment around them (forest, sea,desert) and in an easy way deal with natural obsticles; rivers, rockets sand or mud. This an ideal feature to imitate in the Robotics. The real biorobot is much more practic solution to learn more about natural movements and reactions of body than computer simulations.

Salamader robot is a beginning for Auke Ijspeert. In the future the company wants to try with more complex locomotion animals. For Auke Ijspeert it’s a straight way to create a mammals robots or even a human robot.



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