500 Intel drones dance on the sky and beat Guinness record

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500 drones with lights on the board  have danced once again on the sky for Intel.  Great show!!!

As a lider of new technology and innovations, Intel took the challenge and this time put on the sky 500 drones. This way Intel beat it’s own Guinness record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously from the past year, when 100 of Intel’s drones were flying on the sky.

500 drones shined on the sky after dark and gave pefect show of amazing precision and synchronization of controled movements of drones combined with parade of the lights.

This awesome, but short show took a lot of work and had to be approved by FAA. Fortunately, FFA has decided that whole show is safe and planned well and gave a permission,so 500 drones could conquered the sky in dance formation. Art and science cooperation in action 😀 Take a look 😀


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