5 interesting drone videos of December 2017 from Youtube

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The most interesting movies captured by drones or made about drones, that appeared on December on Youtube. From drone test, danger situation and scientific news to funny videos. That’s our top5 drone videos of this month.

1.Drone captures a tiger shark close to swimmers on the Miami Beach. People in the water weren’t aware of the danger, but fortunatelly, nobody got hurt.


2. Ban Lethal shows the concept of autonoumous killer drones. Little drones remids , these one from drone shops, but in this case, appearances are deceptive… This inconspicuous tiny drone it’s perfect killer, that can react hundred times faster than human, have build-in special sensorsand cameras to recognize the face and has 3 grams of shaped explosive on the board ready to hit the human head and explode… This movie has aroused much controversy…

3.Youtubers, drones and toilet paper. FliteTest squad this time decided to show , how not use toilet paper in the way it should be use. Couple crashes aren’t a big deal for them, but viewers and youtubers had a great fun 🙂 And we hope they  did not run out of paper when they really needed it 🙂

4.Drone racing in NASA , but not exactly typical… This time engineers from Nasa Jet Propulision Laboratory decided to check which drone will be faster ; drone operated by human pilot or AI drone??? Interesting race:) What do think which one has won?

5.Famous APPLE PARK capured by drone- one f the most advanced buildof the world and headquarters of Apple on December 2017. Huge terrain captured by drone and 4K camera. Contruction is more impressive day by day.

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