4 The Best and Cheap RC Cars from China

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RC cars  can be really cool! “China quality” is not  true and fair term for these RC cars. We pick up four the best Rc cars, which are fast , durable and well- made! If you want spend some money on good RC car, but Traxxas or HPI Cars are too expensive , we’ve got great news; it’s possible to buy great quality car in very good price.

1.Zombie 8E

Zombie 8E is  1:8 Monster Truck , so it’s quite big Rc car 🙂 But its main feature is the speed !!! Thanks to very efficient 2300kv and powerful 100ESC  and 3s-4s batteries on the board Zombie 8E maxiumum speed is even 70km/h!!! Awesome! It’s really powerful beast! Moreover, Zombie 8E has special  safe protection system agaist overheat the ESC and batteries 🙂

The build is amazing great quality and main parts are made of metal not plastic ;  aluminium chassis, full metal shock absorbers and machined steel gears and solid differentials gears.  No plastic -fantasic shit!!! The build is really crasproof 🙂

Zombie 8E is very poweful RC car and riding on difficult terrain is not a big problem ; mud, sand or rock, this car can hadle that and stay in one piece 🙂 ESc are waterproof , so can survive some splashes 🙂

RC distans is  about 150 m , so it’s not bad . The time of ride depends of how intensive we gonna use it, but 15 min-20 min it’s great score 🙂

Zombie 8E monster truck costs around 300$ and it’s te best value RC car for that money.


The second great Moster Truck -JLB CHEETAH 1/10 RC car. This RC car might  impressed with the build materials and overall quality of the components for the price. Again for 300$ we amazing quality car. At the first glance it reminds much more expensive Arrma OutCast 6S with huge wheels and it’s not much worse 🙂 but of course cheaper:)In both cases huge wheels are awesome !!!

Inside of JLB CHEETAH we can find Waterproof Metal Solid Servo, Brushless Waterproof 2500KV Motor, Metal Shock Absorber and Splashproof  80A ESC, so as I said before nice parts on the board.

Maxiumum speed of JLB CHEETAH is 80km/h, so we can feel the power on 2-3s batteries!!! This car is made for flips and racing !!! We can enjoy the ride for about 35min and cross the distance of about 100m !

JLB CHEETAH bring the user tons of fun for not extra orbitant money! Worth every penny , great RC car!

3.DHK 8382 Maximus

DHK 8382 Maximus is a speedy Gonzales on the RC car market! 85km/h! That’s brilliant score. Powerful 120A brushless waterproof ESC and  KV2030  brushless motor is great set!

Overall quality is great and main and very important parts as shock absorbers are chasis made of metal . Servo is 9kg high-torque with metal gear 🙂 ESC and battery have termperature safe protection feature 🙂

DHK 8382 Maximus is ready to ride for 15-20 minutes on the control distance of 100-150 meters.

DHK 8382 Maximus is quite tough and solid RC car. We can ride, jump and enjoy the ride. For DHK 8382 Maximus we have to spend 381$, so it’s more then in case of other two- JLB CHEETAH or Zombie 8E , but it’s the fastest RC car on the market, that we can get. Solid, fast and great quality! No regrets!

4.ZD Racing 08427

ZD Racing 08427 is cool 1/8 Monster truck , that is the cheapest one from these 4 Rc cars,because we can get only for 270$ on Gearbest. The next great RC car.

Great quality of the build and parts inside; 3670 2150KV Brushless motor powered with 80A ESC, 9kg high-torque steering servo and the chassis, shafts, shock towers, and shock absorbers are made of aluminum alloy. Solid car, that can handle jumps and nice speed.

And we speak about the speed…The maxiumum speed is 80km/h, yeah we like it !!! It’s not a slow turtle 🙂 ZD Racing 08427 provides 15 – 20 minutes of running and the control distance is 200 – 500m, so that’s a lot!!!

Fast, powerful and awesome!!! ZD Racing 08427 won’t dissapoint its user!!!

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