3D practice quad

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

Hello guys! this quad is using modified silverXXX firmware http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2512604

Its fast and can fly 3D let me know if you’re interested

Max prop size is 3545

I added a 3300uf 6,5V capacitor on the 5V stepdown BEC to decrease brownouts. when reversing on 4S or low power 3S amp spikes kill BEC operation


H101 Floureon
4 resistors 1000 ohm
4* Emax 1306 4000KV motors
Diatone mini 2A BEC
Silicon wire 18Gauge
Female XT60
Lantian LT130 frame
rubycon 220uF 35V cap
2*CW & 2*CCW HQ 3*3*3 props (are very well capable of 3D)
BoltHV 850MAH 4S battery (cheap on hobbyking and worth for the money)

Step 1: gut floureon and install easy flash pins with superglue and solder.

Step 2: Install motors and ESC’s keep wiring short or use wrap around technique. Solder both front ESC red wires together, Fold a piece of 18gauge wire and leave 4cm. Strip insulation from the fold and solder the red ESC wire to the bigger wire by inserting it in the wire core. Do the same for the black wires.
4CM side of the 18gauge wil go to the diatone BEC underneath H101 FC also install capacitor here. and the other end to the battery and the other ESC’s. Run the BEC under the H101 PCB (wrap it in one layer of Etape)

Step 3: Install resistors on the ends of the motor contact pads. Remove the small brown capacitors in parallel with the motors on the FC Arms. Drill small 1MM holes in Lantian plastic board standoffs and mount Floureon board with Floureon Bodywork screws to standoffs.
(drilling holes in the plastic standoffs avoids having to drill holes into the H101 PCB, it also creates space for the Diatone mini 2A bec to fit underneath the H101 PCB as it is now mounted higher, use a soldering iron to make a small dimple to drill an accurate 1MM hole.

Step 4: Solder male battery wire (micro losi connector) to diatone BEC insert male end into the battery female connector of H101 FC (this enables you to always use a battery for flashing)

Use zip ties for ESC’s.
Use dental floss and superglue to make wiring neat

Step 5: Solder red and black wires to 18gauge wires coming from frond running underneath H101 FC. Cut the wire off and install XT60.
use dental floss to attach the wires firmly to the back of the quad.

Solder all black ESC signal wires (ground) together and solder one black lead to the negative battery terminal of the H101 FC
Power up with your lipo and flash your ESC’s with BL heli and Enable 3D settings (can be found on sirdomsen disk station)

Solder all yellow Signal wires to negative motor pads of FC. Run all wires underneath FC and insulate everything well.

Run a battery strap underneath H101 FC.

Step 6:Cut H101 upperbody pastic shell and hotglue it ontop of the FC this is some vital protection. (cut it short enough that props can’t hit the plastic. Run antenna through shell
Use Hotglue on wires coming from negative motor pads and glue the leds (hot glue will serve as lightpipes)

Step 7:Wrap standoffs in Etape and insert inbetween ESC wires (avoid shorts) basically install top plate safely. Use top plate for runcam or foxeer legend camera

Flash Sir domsen Floureon 3D h101 diskstation version on your quad and change pids to suit 4S
pidkp[PIDNUMBER] = { 3.7e-2, 3.7e-2, 1.5e-1 }
pidki[PIDNUMBER] = {1.7e-1, 1.7e-1, 0.9e-1 };
pidkd[PIDNUMBER] = { 4.5e-1, 4.5e-1, 1.5e-1 };

Install props (HQ3*3*3) and have fun with 3D

Final result: 3D capable very fast (80kmph) quad

Amp draw 45-50Amps
Thrust upward 1,3KG
Thrust downward 0,8KG
Switch time between upward and downward flight…Not noticeable.
Motor temps, acceptable.

Best LOS build? make sure you use a true X frame like IAN444’s or Quadmovr
Best Camera or FPV build Use Lantian 130 and proper DYS XM esc’s

(ESC settings) I’ve set demag comp to high


  1. so here you are using HV LiPo. Great long review ! , I am waiting for more videos about this one with FPV build in ( last time i have seen only when it starts up super fast ).
    Subscribed 🙂

  2. Yes I’ve build a 74 gram AIO version using a AIO FPV camera but its not his one

  3. Do you have FPV in it ?

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