DJI new M200 premium businesses drones series

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DJI plans to conquer drone market with new premium businesses-class drone line- the M200 DJI series, designed and made for special industrial purposes.

DJI is on the top of drone market , but still wants more. After the success of cult DJI Phantom series, DJI Mavic and DJI Inspire 2 for pro cinematography and movie makers, DJI surprises its customers with DJI Snail seriers for racing drone pilots and DJI new M200 premium businesses drones series!!!The latest series- DJI new M200 premium businesses drones series, was officially announced by DJI at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.

What is the DJI M200 series and for who?
Well, DJI M200 was made for industrial missions and it’s dedicated for typical businesses needs. DJI drone will fulfill tasks resulting from the type of business as tool. DJI M200 series might use to transport the load, rescue and research missions, firefighting or inspections. New DJI M200 is a revolutionary solution for every high risk situations and places hard to reach.

DJI M200 series is mixed of well-known older DJI series top models of drones- in M200 drones, we can find the same electronics parts as these used to build DJI Inspire 2 and folding construction adapted from DJI Mavic. The latest and the best solution to serve the businesses.

For now, DJI has presented the protype drone of DJI M200 series- the M210. The M210 is capable to fly for 35 minutes in difficult conditions like light , not too intense rain or snow- it has IP43 certificate.

On the baord of M210, we can find two gimbals, so user can mount two cameras. Dual camera feature allows the pilot use not only FPV camera, but also thermographic camera, very useful for inspectors or firefighting missions.

The M210 drone will supported by special DJI applications. Thanks to special built-in sensors, all well-known flying modes as follow me, point of interest and safe navigation will be available and M210 will be easy to use and operate drone.

The extra features of M210 drone will be an upward-facing camera and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) -it’s a kind of anti-collision system and thanks to it, drone will show its location and alarm the pilot in the situation that it will be too close to another aircraft. Let’s just call it drone automatic air traffic control.

DJI convinces that M200 will increase the efficiency and safety of every industrial task, which is time-consuming or dangerous for people. In case of all DJI drones there’s no doubts that M210 drone will be an expensive drone 🙂 Really, really expensive…

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