@pirat thinks that he can fly, that he can touch the sky, but true is ” Don’t give him a drone, if he already got a drone then find safe place” 😈 . Noob FPV pilot with couple thousands crashes (so far) , but he getting better every time … 😎  . When he speak english and you don’t know what he is talking about , then don’t worry ” We don’t know to “. One thing is for sure , Pirat will make your day.

What he is doing on FPVtv:

  • Engineer – creating whole FPVtv system
  • Mechanic – he can fix & build everything
  • Author
  • Pilot

What he doesn’t like:

  • When magic smoke appears after 1st battery connection  😯

Join us !, maybe we are looking for you ? ( if you never try, you will never know ).

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