Parelle battery charging on every charger

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I had a lot of 3s batteries(about 10 x 3s 2200mah batteries) and charging every single one was time-consuming. I had to figure out how to make it faster and I found a “parelle charging board”. I start reading about this board and some of users say that it works perfect on few chargers, others say that it doesn’t work in a proper way so I bought it and checked;) .

Now after couple weeks of tests I can say, that it works perfect and  it’s totally must have. Great thing is that it works with every single 6s charger; I didn’t notice any problems, even when one of batteries was 10,6V and other 11,1v  at the end all charged batteries were 12,6v.

How have I used charger board?

Before charging process I haver balanced all batteries to storage volatge.F or 3s battery it will be 11,4v ( 3,8V per cell). Of course if some of batteries are 10,9 -11,4, it will work fine, but difference between batteries shouldn’t be bigger than 0,5v and the strongest battery can’t have more than 11,7V. If differnence between batteries is between 0,3v-0,5v charge them with 0,4C for all batteries; it will prevent overcharge for the strongest battery.  What is C ? It’s a maximum currunet, which you can charge battery. C for 2200mah usually is 2,2A  for 5000mah is 5A etc… So if you want to charge parelle six 1300mah batteries, C for them is 7,8A. As I said before all batteries should be charged with 0,4C, so according to the laws of math 7,8 x 0,4 = 3,12A .

You can buy parelle charging board here

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