K5 crime-fighting robots go on patrol in Silicon Valley

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Two K5 security robots have been placed on patrol in a parking lot in Silicon Valley.

They are 1.5 meters tall (or 5 feet), weigh about 135 kilos (or 300 pounds), and are outfitted with a laser scanner and a 360-degree video camera.

The robots rove throughout a designated perimeter, navigate around people and things in their paths, and record activity and sounds by shooting live videos.

They also use a LIDAR technology that delivers 3D maps.

If a crime is committed in front of the robot and the would-be burglar persists, it will record the car license plate, take pictures, send the geotag location and the time and send everything to a human in the command center.

The robots don’t confront criminals, but if it attacked, will let out a chirp that will get louder and louder as the threat persists and notifying the control center.

According to CBS News, Knightscope, the company that developed the robots, said there is a waiting list of about four dozen companies in line to acquire a K5.

The companies plan to use them next year in outdoor settings such as college campuses or open air malls.

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