JJRC JJPRO-P130 Small Racing FPV Quadcopter

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JJPRO P130 its small racing quadcopter  (130mm frame size), but it has big motors  1806 2300kv, which can provide lot’s of thrust for this small quadcopter. Whole construction looks crash proof; 3mm bottom plate and 1mm top plate + aluminum spacer make it crash proof, because drone weight with battery is 280g. FPV camera is a typical small & light camera. JJPRO P130 comes with 40channels and 25mw transmitter . What make this drone special ? Low price and camo painting, which looks amazing.

Carbon  fieber frame with 3mm arms
Weight with battery: 280g
130mm wheelbase
Motors: 1806 2300KV Motor
ESC : Flycolor 12A BLHELI
FPV TX: 25mw 40ch Transmitter
FC: CC3D/Naze32
Radio controller: FlySky fs I6 2.4G 6CH
Battery: 850mah 3s


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    8.5 Total Score

    10Editor's score
    Crash proof
    7.8User's score
    Crash proof
    • Price
    • Cheap spare parts ( like motors or FC )
    • Low weight and tough contruction
    • Can't handle 4s
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    1. 2.6
      Crash proof

      I’ve bought the P130 as my first FPV quad well knowing that it is not the best out there but what I found after using it for a while was still quite shocking. For me the worst point was the VTx which might be damaged as it seems to have a loose connection and only a range of about 10m. In short FPV flying was not possible for me and I’ve not yet got an answer on my complaint.
      After removing the VTx the quad flies a lot better, due to the lower weight and maybe also due to the lower power consumption. But still with the stock 3S 850 mah lipo you won’t have a lot of fun. Especially because the stock charger is badly calibrated and will try to overcharge your lipo. (Fix: Just unplug the battery a few minutes after the first light turns green. Also make sure to turn it off after 1h latest as by then it should be charged or something is wrong).
      After a few flight I then cut the cables to my receiver because they are way too long. So I took the frame apart and rewired everything. If done nicely the cables are not a big issue anymore. Still the battery cables and the receiver are in each others way so you probably want to put a zip tie to keep those in place.
      After a few flight I switched to different props and have not switched back yet. I use some tribladed bullnose props that are more flexible as I crash a lot and the stock props break easily.
      You also want to hook up the quad to your computer before your first flight and setup the mode switches and maybe arming. Also you probably want to install a low voltage beeper to avoid under loading your lipo.
      One good thing is that despite the motors not being listed as 4S the quad does work very well with 4S. I can just recommend everyone to buy a 4S lipo for this quad. I use 1000mah and you should not go above that because of the weight. Smaller should work even better but I’ve not found a small 4S yet.
      Also the VTX is not hooked up with a BEC so be aware when you install a different VTX or you might see “magic smoke” and kill your VTX very quickly.

      All in all: Don’t buy this if you want a Ready To Fly quad, or if you want a quad that has got tons of power. If you are a beginner like me, can solder and are not afraid of taking the quad apart and running it on 4S then this is a nice quad to try some stuff as it seems to be pretty crash resistant.

      The only issue I’ve got until now (after probably around 30 flights) is that I’ve ruined one of the spacers when I tried flying FPV and blacked out about 10m in the sky and dropped from there “free fall” into the ground.

      + PROS: Quite crash proof (except stock props) Low price Supports 4S (unofficially)
      - CONS: Bad VTx (mine had a range of 10m and "blacked out" often) Really badly underpowered ESCs and receiver below the frame Cables are too long and get easily caught and cut by the props Needs rework before first flight
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    2. Reply
      Let’s talk about thisWelcome back, cookie for you.Shakespeare
      Exp. 3,562 pts.
      2016-10-15 at 12:30
      Crash proof

      P130 is very stable and very underpowered drone, for sure we can’t say that this is racng drone because mosquito flies faster ! 🙂 . We can easily tune P130 by changing motors to at least 4000KV and then it will as is should.

      + PROS: Camo Paint !!!! Crash proof Super stable Good FPV Camera, iimage is super sharp Cheap RTF
      - CONS: 2300kv are bad idea for 3" props We need more thrust !!!
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