Human-carrying drone will fly in Dubai

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Creators of first human-carrying drone- EHang 184 from China with colaboration of  Hyperloop One  technology company and  Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency want to send passenger-carrying drone in the sky in July.

Investors haven’t decided what exactly will look passenger-carrying drone, but after tests of prototype it’s know for sure that drone will be capable to fly with max of 160 km/h, carry a man weighing up to 220 pounds and carry-on baggage and fly for 30 minutes within a 50-km range.

Human-carrying drone will be comfrotable and easy to control- like tab to fly mode-the passenger will select the destination point on touch screen and drone will fly automatically. For safety, drone will monitored from the ground.

Passenger-carrying drone is advertised as vehicle of the future and fits perfect The United Arab Emirates propagation of luxury.

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