Hubsan H501s Super Cheap gimbal Only 2$ ” Test 2″

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In my previous video” Test 1 ” I have used to soft rubbers and strap as a DIY gimbal for Hubsan H501s. After my flight, it turned out that it wasn’t a good idea; small vibrations has been suppressed, but bigger ones increased. This time I have used standard rubbers, which came with an  anti vibration plate and a super mega adhesive duoble tape 3M. This time everything works smooth. I can even say that this cheap gimbal works much better than expensive one for 40$ 🙂

Please notice very important for H501s is the weight, this could happend when ESC is overloaded/overheated when we adding to much extra weight.

My set weight is about 57g ( camera + gimbal ), but after the flight I felt that battery is super hot, what means it’s draining battery super fast to achieve stable fly ( but nothing bad could happen, just don’t excised 60 grams of extra weight ) . So if we add more than 70g we can just burn a drone in mid fly ( battery on ESC is not ready for an additional weight).  Next time I will try to remove battery from runcam v2, this will save about 15g ! ( I will power up camera from Hubsan battery ).

To attach gimbal to drone I used the 3M double tape. If you want to ask ” What will happen if tape falls off??? ” , I can say ” There is no way ” – it’s even hard to remove it by hands, so no worries. Next great extra freature is that we can put H501s without a camera on a flat ground with no worries, that gimbal will be destroyed by rubbing against the ground -it will be a free space about 4-5mm !! 🙂  So there is no need to remove the DIY gimbal.

Just for safety use a small line  to attach a camera to drone as I did.

Hubsan H501s Super Cheap gimbal no6


Here you can buy:
Runcam V2
Antivibration plate 
3M Tape 

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    stefano g
    2017-06-01 at 23:58

    What caused that arm to burn off? How much weight did you have on it?

    what about solutions for a gopro style camera?

    • Reply
      Let’s talk about thisWelcome back, cookie for you.Shakespeare
      Exp. 3,398 pts.
      2017-06-04 at 09:10

      Overheat, gopro will be to heavy so ESC can overheat and looks like this one on the pic 🙁 .

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