Hubsan H501s Long Range Test with FatShark antenna


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Here is the easiest way to mod your H501s for long range

In this test Ireached 700meters with altitude 5m without bigger lags or interferences so this is a great score ( low altitude increase a difficult) . I noticed that hubsan TX FPV antenna is on the back arm, so when you flying forward for you signal is great but when you rotate drone for 180 degrees where front of the drone is directed to you, signal strenght is decreasing so be carefull when you flying for over 1000m .
What to do when you lost video signal ?( Never panic ! ) , just increase alt to 100m ( telemetry mostly always will work ) and then push a stick ” Back to home ” ( thanks this trick you have bigger chance to avoid trees or some other obstacles when drone flies back to you).

To increase FPV signal strenght even more you can use a Flat antenna

I really like this drone, more than 2000m FPV distance and fly time is about 25 minutes BUT one big con is for motors bearing quality ! :/

If You have any suggestions, just let me know ­čÖé

Thank you guys for all your support

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    2016-09-23 at 02:04

    Whats the name of the music ?

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